10 antidotes for oily hair this summer

Struggling to keep your hair light, shiny and bouncy for longer than a couple of hours during Arab Peninsula’s summer?

Battling to create volume? Are you afraid of what the humidity will do to your tresses? Here’s how you can turn limp to lively!

Oily hair and summer are generally a recipe for disaster. However, there are ways in which you can manage oiliness without excessive washing, or the use of very strong products on your hair. 

These 10 tips show you how:

1)    Wash your hair only every other day. Do not wash your hair more than that as it will get stripped of all its essential natural oils. This, in turn, will stimulate your sebum glands to overcompensate, produce more oil and further aggravate the problem.

2)    Make sure you choose hair products carefully and wisely. It is of utmost importance that the shampoos and conditioners you use are tailored specifically to the needs of your hair. If, for example, you use a rich moisturizing variation, your hair will get greasier than ever.

3)    Dry shampoos are great for oily hair. They help eliminate the worst of the residue around the roots of your hair and make it lighter and less greasy.

4)    Don’t brush your hair too much. Excessive brushing stimulates the production of oil and if you have greasy hair to begin with, this is not a desirable outcome.

5)    Give your hair a good cleanse to remove oily build up and product residue that coats strands over time. Mixing lemon juice with water and using it to rinse your locks should do the trick.

6)    Get a short, chic and manageable haircut. This is because very long hair that has a propensity for greasiness and tends to become dry and dehydrated towards its ends. The best hairstyles to deal with oily hair are top buns, back ponytails, twists, braids and tying your hair using scarves, hats and bandanas.

7)    Avoid Sulphates at all cost as they are too strong to use on your hair. 

8)    Make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly. Get every drop of shampoo out else it will irritate your scalp and cause oiliness.

9)    Try to minimize using hot water when showering. High temperatures aren't good for oily hair. Use lukewarm water instead.

10)   Use a hair pick instead of hairbrush when you're combing out those pesky knots. The pick will ensure that oil doesn’t spread from your scalp through the hair.

Now, even you can go out and revel in the summer fun and frolic. Armed with these tips and tricks you should be able to effectively manage your oily hair condition with ease.


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