5 Cool Hairstyles to Rock this Eid

5 Cool Hairstyles to Rock this Eid


Eid is upon us and it’s a time for celebration and an occasion for girls to look their best. Because we’d like to save you the time of looking hairstyles, we have compiled for you the best looks to rock this Eid!

1. Volumized Ponytail for a stylish look:
You have medium to long hair and want to rock a stylish and effortless look this Eid? Then the volumized ponytail is the right hairstyle for you! Section your hair into two: one bottom and one top part. Tie the bottom part and back comb some strands so it is not flat. Give some ruffle to the top part as well then tie both parts together and take a small strand to wrap it all over the hair tie.  And voilà, you’re good to go!

2. Loose curls for a romantic and dreamy look:
This hairstyle will look great with a fancy dress and shiny jewelry. Straighten your hair first with a blowout and use an iron curler at the ends to create bouncy curls. If you have straight and fine hair naturally, use Pantene’s Sheer volume range to give it volume and if your hair is already curly or wavy, use Pantene’s Smooth and Silky range to achieve the look.

3. Neat low bun for a classy look: 
This is the perfect hairstyle if you’re going for a chic look like a pant suit. First prep your hair with anti-frizz products like the Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Smooth & Silky Conditioner and straighten it with a round brush and blow-dryer. Once dry, part your hair with the tail of a comb whatever suits your style. It could be in the middle or on one side. Achieve the sleek finish using a styling gel. Finally, pull all your hair back tightly into a low bun and tie it with a rubber band and bobby pins.

4. Side braids for a refreshing look:
Whether you go for a simple braid or a fishtail, this hairstyle is always refreshing and will look good with any look you choose. Style the front of your hair according to your face shape and gather your hair to the side to create the side braid. According to the look you want to go for, choose if you would like a loose or tight braid. Use brooches or floral ornaments to create a more elegant look.

5. Straight hair for a simple look:
If what you chose to wear for Eid requires a simple hairstyle that does not need too much volume or if you don’t have time for an elaborate look, then you should pick a silky straight hairstyle. All you have to do is use Pantene’s Smooth & Silky range, blow-dry your hair using a round brush and use a hair straightener for extra smoothness. Finish off with a little of hairspray.

Which hairstyle will you choose this Eid? Tell us in the comments which one will look great with your outfit.







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