5 Simple Steps for Healthy Hair All Year-Round

5 Simple Steps for Healthy Hair All Year-Round


Is your hair worn out and damaged from the constant blow-outs, straightening and change of seasons? Healthy hair is not easy to achieve unless you take care of it on a daily basis. Read our 5 simple steps as we show you how to achieve healthy hair all year round.

1. Change your washing habits
Over washing your hair can cause a lot of damage to it because it strips away the natural oils and proteins that keep your hair healthy. So try to limit washing your hair to 3 times a week and if your hair gets greasy fast, you can always use a dry shampoo in between washes.

2. Make the right choices
Not all hair types are the same and choosing the right products for your hair is of the utmost importance. Thick and curly hair need products that are anti-frizz like Pantene Pro-V Smooth & Silky, while fine hair needs products that will not weigh them down like Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume. If you have color-treated hair then you need a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for you like Pantene Pro-V Colored Hair Repair.

3. Don’t skip your conditioner
If you are adamant about your blow-dryer and straightener, then conditioning your hair during every wash is a must, as it will hydrate it and protect it from the heat. Pantene 3 Minute Miracle’s range of conditioners should be your go-to product, as it is a conditioner with the power of a mask. Rinse off with cool water to lock in more moisture.

4. Reduce heat exposure
The less time you expose your hair to the heat, the better. And there a lot of ways to achieve that. Use a bamboo towel that absorbs water faster while being soft on your hair. Blot your hair and don’t rub to avoid roughing up your cuticles and reduce the amount of heat exposure. Another tip would be to air dry it overnight so you can style it in the morning. You can also sleep with damp hair styled in two loose braids. This will smooth out the frizz giving you beachy waves in the morning.

5. Remember to cool off
If your hair still feels hot after a blow-dry or applying a flat iron, don’t leave it that way as heat retention is even more damaging. Use the cold button to cool off your locks before heading out from home.

Do you follow these 5 simple steps? Tell us in the comments how you are keeping your hair healthy all year-round.


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