6 hair care hacks every woman should know

Find out how real women pull off great hair with these cool hacks.

Every hair type can use a little boost. How do you keep it looking sleek? How do you shorten your morning hair routine? We asked real women to share their secret hair hacks. These clever tips will have you loving your hair every day, instead of fighting with it.

1. Sleep on great hair. Take care of your hair while you’re asleep. It’s easier than you think. Just get a satin pillowcase. The satin pillow is for real. The sleek fabric tames flyaway hairs and has the added benefit of reducing those early morning wrinkles. 

2. Comb it out in the shower. Use a wide-tooth comb in the shower while conditioner is still in your hair. It’ll reduce tangles, and it works whether your hair is straight or curly. “It sounds obvious, but I run into so many women who don't use one!” says Sarah from Riyadh.

3. Don’t over-wash your hair. Many hair types don’t need to be washed every day. For super thick hair, wash every two to three days. You may experience some oily roots at first, but as your hair gets used to it, the oil will settle down.

4. Wash before bed and style in the morning. Hair holds heat styling better when it’s not fresh out of the shower. Wash and air-dry your hair before bed. It's much easier to curl or straighten the next day because it has a bit more texture than just-washed hair.

5. Don’t mess with your curls. Use a soft shirt or microfiber towel to dry curls in a turban starting the moment you step out of the shower. The curls won’t get frizzy if you don’t touch them at all. You look ridiculous, but it gives your curls a chance to ‘set’ for a few minutes.

6. Use your ponytail to make big waves. Put dry hair up in a high ponytail. Then take a curling iron and curl throughout in small chunks, and then let it down from the ponytail. The different lengths of hair in each curled section of the ponytail create big waves in less than five minutes.

What’s your favorite hair hack?


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