A Guide to DIY Haircuts and Hair Care this Eid 

A Guide to DIY Haircuts and Hair Care this Eid 


Barbershops and hair salons still closed before Eid? No worries! Give yourself a glamorous DIY haircut and take care of your hair at home.

Eid is here and due to the lockdown and restrictions on the openings of beauty salons, many of us are trying different ways to take care of ourselves while being at home. Many of you definitely started to feel that they need a change in looks. So, read our tips below for a hair makeover including DIY haircuts at home.


Equip yourself with the right tools

Forget normal scissors, as they will not give you the precision and definition you need when cutting your hair. They’ll also cause split ends. Also, there’s a reason why hair professionals use special scissors called hair cutting shears and why you need to invest in one when you decide to take that significant step. While you’re at it, make sure to buy as well the rest of the toolkit you will need including professional hair clips, a double-edged comb, and maybe some thinners if you have coarse hair.  


Should you cut your hair wet or dry?

It’s all about your type of hair and the look you’ll be wanting to achieve. Wet and damp hair is mostly recommended for a sleek look while dry hair is best for curls, waves or multi-layering. If you’re still not sure what DIY haircut to try, download our haircut guide below where you can choose the DIY haircut that is most suitable for your face shape. Also, remember what haircut you loved last time you were at the salon and try to recreate it.


Cut your hair the right way

After you have defined if you should cut your hair wet or dry, it’s time to decide what look you will be going for, because each style has its different step-by-step, and we’ve gathered for you a list of video tutorials to help you out:



Changing your hair color at home is great too!

If you are still unsure if you should be cutting your own hair and don’t want to take that risk, why not try coloring your hair color at home instead. All women, including celebrities are doing it, due to the extended lockdown measures. Before doing that, make sure to read our article on the subject in How to color hair at home the right way. It includes details on how to choose the right hair color and prepping your hair before getting started to get the best results. Also, now that the weather if getting warmer, read on about how take care of your colored hair in Colored hair care tips for the summer.


Choose the right shampoo and don’t skip the conditioner

Since we don’t all have the same hair type, choosing the right product for hair care is crucial.  Pantene Pro-V Smooth & Silky is best for thick and curly hair to avoid frizz, while Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume is best for fine hair because it will not weigh it down. If you have color-treated hair then you need a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for you like Pantene Pro-V Colored Hair Repair. Also, excess styling can cause great damage, so conditioning your hair during every wash is a must. Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle’s range of conditioners are the way to go as they contain the power of a hair care treatment in a daily conditioner.


Are you thinking of cutting your own hair this Eid at home? Tell us in the comments if you are and what you thought of our tips and tricks for an at-home hair makeover.

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