Head & Shoulders Cream Baths

Head & Shoulders Cream Baths

Get to the Root of Beautiful Hair and a Healthy Scalp with the First-Ever Indulgent Hair & Scalp Cream Baths from Head & Shoulders

Beauty and innovation have never been more hand-in-hand than with the launch of two new intensive scalp treatments from Head & Shoulders.

While the art and science of a healthy scalp and beautiful-looking hair has always been Head & Shoulders’ area of expertise, now the brand is expanding its repertoire to include two new intensive treatments that are set to become miracle must-haves in every woman’s scalp and hair care regime: the Head & Shoulders Cream Baths.*

These beautifully rich hair treatments chime perfectly with the current trend for de-stressing hair care products. Committed to providing an intensive treatment for sensitive scalp sufferers but unwilling to forego the feel-good beauty benefits of pampering hair and skincare products, Head & Shoulders have now perfected a formulation which combines powerful, state of the art scalp-soothing ingredients with a creamy, decadent formulation that unfolds its best benefits in just a few minutes. 

The entire line of Head & Shoulders shampoos and conditioners offers a fantastic range of options for anyone who wants to look after the health of their scalp as well as enjoying a variety of other beauty and wellbeing options, from styling benefits to uplifting scents and sensations – from scalp-cooling to frizz-fighting and everything in between. But now it’s time for something more: more powerful, more relaxing, more indulgent – and Head & Shoulders are confident these must-haves for hair and scalp will soon become the cornerstone of your hair and scalp care routine.

The Head & Shoulders Cream Baths are available in two specialized variants: Head & shoulders Hydration Cream Bath and Head & Shoulders Anti-Hairfall Cream Bath. They offer an intensively-nourishing surge of moisture for your scalp and hair, along with impressive scalp-rejuvenating benefits that are delivered to the scalp in a beautifully rich cream-massage product. After massaging into the scalp for one minute, leave on for up to ten minutes to allow the soothing, restorative ingredients to go where they do their work, restoring cells from within for a healthy scalp. Just one application promises intensive scalp hydration and a moisture bath for your hair, leaving you with a lastingly soothed scalp and silky-soft hair that’s 100% dandruff free. 

Hydration Cream Bath

A perfect option for moisturising and re-balancing a very dry or stressed scalp. As well as potent levels of Head & Shoulders’ superb ZPT anti-dandruff ingredient, this also contains a special blend of caring active ingredients, which help the scalp hold onto moisture better. The formulations also target individual hair fibres to ensure moisture levels in hair are kept consistent. Dr Rene Rust, Head & Shoulders scientist explains: “A healthy scalp can hold on to moisture much better so is a better foundation for the growth of beautiful hair. Hair looks and feels healthy and beautiful as well as being easier to manage and style.” 

Anti-Hairfall Cream Bath

Ever feel that your hair seems to have diminished before your very eyes? The Head & Shoulders Anti-Hairfall Cream Bath not only discourages hairfall by soothing the scalp, but impressively, it also helps to reduce hair breakage. The link between dandruff and hairfall is now scientifically proven, and the weaker your hair strands, the greater your risk of hair breakage and the more you’ll suffer from hairfall. Dr Rene Rust Head & Shoulders scientist adds: “If you suffer from dandruff or an itchy scalp, you’re more likely to scratch and damage your hair shafts, making them more likely to break. There is also a good chance that your hair looks weaker, duller and that you have more frizzy flyaways because the surface of the hair fibre gets damaged.” 

The Head & Shoulders Expertise

The long heritage of world-leading scientific breakthroughs from Head & Shoulders (the brand has recently celebrated its 50th anniversary) means the Head & Shoulders scientists are just the people to trust with your precious hair and scalp. The Cream Baths are the culmination of Head & Shoulders’ five decades of scientific research into the scalp and hair, including discoveries and breakthroughs presented at the recent World Congress of Dermatology. 

Plus Head & Shoulders’ new Cream Baths are true multi-taskers – meaning they’ll offer a whole spectrum of benefits when they become part of your hair and scalp care routine, including:

-       Anti-dandruff: eliminating up to 100% of visible dandruff flakes from the very first use

-       Efficient hydration: as the name suggests, the Cream Baths help your scalp to build its natural moisture barrier, which it can call on when it’s dry and sensitive 

-       Beautiful hair: the massage application means you’ll boost scalp circulation, promoting an improvement of the condition of the scalp skin, the very foundation of the growth of your beautiful hair

-       Hair damage repair: help conquer the effects of hair damage by excessive styling, heat, etc. with the soothing, hydrating, anti-dandruff and anti-hairfall ingredients

-       Long-term scalp benefits: treating the scalp where it needs treatment, the Cream Baths will help normalise the scalp skin keeping the scalp healthier in the future, too

-       Beauty benefits: the Cream Baths’ anti-dandruff ingredients, including Head & Shoulders’ impressive ZPT signal active means you’re less likely to scratch your hair, which prevents them from breaking and looking weaker, duller and with more frizzy flyaways. Instead, you’ll see sleeker, shinier and flake-free hair

-       De-stressing: in addition to the scalp-soothing ingredient action, the five to ten-minute treatment time provides an opportunity for you to relax and unwind

Gorgeous hair and your healthy scalp is just one treatment away – discover today what your beauty routine has been waiting for all along. 

Head & Shoulders cream bath is available at leading supermarkets for RRP 20 AED.*

*Retail price at the sole discretion of the retailer.


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