Pantene Clinicare, inspired by Japanese world-class science standards

Pantene Clinicare, inspired by Japanese world-class science standards

Home to millions of women epitomising the highest beauty standards, Japan has received more science Nobel prizes than any Asian nation.

It should come as no surprise then that Pantene Clinicare should turn to advanced solutions inspired by Japanese science to create three new hair care collections that tackle the top hair issues faced by the women of the Middle East.

For decades, women in the Arab world have been trying to find solutions for thinning hair, severe hair damage and frizz. Now, with the help of experts at the Japanese Hair Science Institute, Pantene Clinicare has launched three new collections specially designed to address these top hair problems. Using advanced technology that goes right down to hair’s molecular level to deliver visible hair transformations, Pantene Clinicare collections are:  Volume and Full Revitalize, Hair Time Renewal, and Frizz Defense.

Inspired by Japan’s advanced approach to fundamental research and product development, Pantene Clinicare used breakthroughs in bio-mimicry to learn a crucial new fact about hair thinning: hair’s diameter is as important as hair density when it comes to resolving issues with thinning. Based on this discovery, Pantene Clinicare created a solution that quickly became a best-selling award-winner amongst Japan’s beauty-conscious women: the Daily Hair Thickening Treatment.

Recipient of the Seal of Recognition from the North American Hair Research Society, the Daily Hair Thickening Treatment thickens existing hair as if you have 6,500 more hair strands. When applied to damp hair, it adds volume to the roots and leaves hair looking revitalised, thicker and fuller between washes. The Daily Hair Thickening Treatment is part of the Volume and Full Revitalize Collection.

Hair damage accumulates over time, weakening the hair cuticle and making it more susceptible to future damage. The Hair Time Renewal collection has an advanced formula that is designed to repair severe signs of damage such as split ends,brittleness and dullness. Its Triple Blend Conditioning Technology creates a shielding barrier around each hair strand, offering protection from root to tip against future surface damage. In addition to a shampoo and conditioner, the Hair Time Renewal Collection also has One Wash Intensive Treatment, containing Pantene Clinicare’s most advanced conditioning formula for intensive damage repair.

Hair frizz is caused when dry, damaged hair is exposed to humidity. The Frizz Defense collection has an advanced formula that penetrates deep into the hair cuticle and helps block extra moisture. The result is hair that is transformed from wayward waves into silky, smooth hair. The Frizz Defense Collection includes a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and Frizz Control Concentrate Leave-on treatment.

With the new premium solutions from Pantene Clinicare offering visible hair transformation, women in the Arab region can forget about their top hair issues and start enjoying beautiful, healthy hair.


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