Head & Shoulders Volume Boost 1

Provides extra volume for the natural hair while giving 100% dandruff free results

Head & Shoulders Volume Boost


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Vitality and volume Shampoo
A light formula to increase your hair volume
If your hair was your wealth – your true wealth- then try our Vitality and Volume shampoo. In addition to 100% dandruff-free scalp, it adds more volume and vitality to weak and light hair. It is designed to keep hair frizz-free with no dandruff flakes.
*visible dandruff with regular usage

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Head & Shoulders Volume Boost



Our hair is our crowning glory! I have thin hair and using this Head and Shoulders Volume Boost is my favorite to give my hair a soft, shiny, easy to comb hair. It also gives volume to my hair and most of all I have a free dandruff scalp. Being a housewife, I do take a bath and shampoo my hair everyday because my hubby used to smell my hair and he knows if I did not shampoo my hair! He loves the smell of my shampoo anyway! Thanks to Head and Shoulders!

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  • Hair frizz-free

  • 100% dandruff-free

  • Vitality

  • Hair volume