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Pantene Clinicare’s Daily Thickening Treatment Takes the Beauty World by Storm!

Did you know that women find thinning hair more difficult to control than cellulite? A survey conducted by Yale University also found that this is among the top sources of dissatisfaction that affect women the most – something that the thousands of women in the Middle East who suffer from thinning hair can certainly relate to… though not for much longer!

Pantene’s Japanese Hair Science Institute discovered that when it came to thinning hair, it wasn’t just the number of strands that matter, but the thickness of each hair strand. And that’s the understanding that led them to create the new Pantene Clinicare Daily Hair Thickening Treatment.

The Daily Hair Thickening Treatment is a must-have product for anyone with thinning hair worries. Setting a new standard in hair care, its advanced formula penetrates deep into the hair structure and thickens existing hair as if you have up to 6500 more hair strands. This exceptional product has earned numerous awards, including the prestigious North American Hair Research Society’s Seal of Recognition.

Pantene Clinicare Daily Hair Thickening Treatment is complemented by the Pantene Clinicare Volume and Full Revitalize Collection, which comprises shampoo, and conditioner that naturally volumize from the roots of hair, leaving hair revitalized, thicker and fuller.


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