Your most gorgeous party hair ever

Love the confidence boost of perfectly styled salon hair? Wish you could re-create the feeling at home?

Look beautiful for every party, no matter how much time you have, with our expert tips. 

Love the confidence boost of perfectly styled salon hair? Wish you could re-create the feeling at home? With our gorgeous hair guide, you can! Follow our expert tips and we promise you will look stunning whether you have 2 hours or 20 minutes to spare.

2 hours – Birthday party 

You have already picked out the perfect dress, shoes and makeup. The only thing left on the list is to choose the hairstyle to go with it. So why not amplify your elegance factor and celebrate your birthday in style by a trying a completely new hair do. Whether you are planning on wearing a black dress with an elegant red lip or a colourful frock combined with a smokey eye, we promise you will look absolutely stunning with a side swept bun. Follow our simple tips to find out how to create this timeless look.

  1. Start by brushing your hair in order to eliminate any tangles. If you want your hair to be extra sleek, you can even go over it with a straightening iron such as Braun Satin-Hair 7 Straightner, which is designed to tame frizz and flying hair for touchable smoothness. Section by section, clamp the flat iron as close to the roots as possible and slowly pull it downwards along the strand of hair. To avoid any heat damage to always use a heat protectant!
  2. For an elegant touch, use a curling iron to flick out the front section of your hair and create a nice, gentle curl. Since you want the curl to be as loose as possible, do not hold the hair around the barrel for too long.
  3. Bring all your hair to one side and start creating a regular braid. For the ideal result, the bigger the sections of the braid are, the better. To volumise your braid, gently pull some sections of the braid outwards, making it bigger as you go along.
  4. Roll your braid upwards towards your ear and secure it to the side of your head using bobby pins.
  5. Now go back to the front section of your hair. Depending on the type of look you want to go for, you can either leave it hanging loose or frame your face by pinning it into the bun.
  6. To make sure everything stays in place, spray your hair with some hairspray.
  7. Finish off the look by putting on some lipstick and voila, you are now ready for the party! 

1 hour - girls' night out

Loose and voluminous curls are an easy way to ramp up any party look. Not only can they make you look instantly gorgeous and help you show off your stunning new highlights, but they can also enhance your beautiful features, making you feel like a star. However, we all know that carefree curls that make you look like you are red-carpet ready at all times, take some time to create. But just because something takes time, does not mean it should not be done, especially if the occasion is right and what is a better occasion than a night out with your girlfriends! If you follow our simple steps you will achieve those Hollywood glamour curls that you love within the hour!

  1.  For the ultimate elegant and loose curls start by brushing through your hair with Braun Satin-Hair 7 brush. It´s IONTEC technology, which protects your hair from any wear and tear, will give your strands an extra boost making them look both sleek and shiny. Furthermore, brushing your hair will also eliminate any tangles you may have.
  2. Using your brush, part your hair in the middle and divide it into two sections. Then spray some heat protectant on your locks before starting to curl.
  3. Starting from the back and bottom section of your hair, take a good handful of hair and slowly curl it around your curling wand. Our personal favourite is the Braun Satin-Hair Colour Curler as it´s barrel has just the right size for creating soft and loose curls. Wait for about 15 seconds and then release the curl. To set it, spray each curl as you go along.
  4. Once the curling is done, run your fingers through your hair for a more soft effect. If you want a more uniform look, you can even gently run through the hair with a brush.
  5. To add a little extra flare to your look, grab sections of hair from each side of your temples and create braids along the strands. Make your hair appear ticker by loosening each section of the braid. Next bring the two braids together using elastic.
  6. Complete the look with some eyeliner, layers of voluminous mascara and some lipstick in a colour of your choice. And voila, you are done!

20 Minutes – Happy hour with work

You have spent the entire day at the office, running from one meeting to another and you have about 20 minutes before you are meeting your colleagues for a relaxing drink during happy hour. Your makeup is starting to wear out, you don’t look as fresh as you did this morning and your hair feels lifeless and unexciting. Lucky for you we have the exact tips you need to clean up your look and make you feel fantastic in no time! And if you follow the steps right, we promise you will even be at the bar 5 min before everyone else, looking gorgeous!

  1. Since time is of the essence, the key is to do something that is simple but will give you a noticeable change. Start by brushing your long strands with Braun-Satin Hair 7 brush to smooth out your hair and make it super shiny. The IONTEC technology of the brush is ideal to create glossy and sleek strands as it contains active ion jets that effectively tames frizzy hair.

  2. Put your hair in a high ponytail. Next, braid the entire length of the ponytail and secure the ends with an elastic band.

  3. Add a sophisticated touch to your look by spinning the braid as a knot around the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins.  

  4. Complete the hair-do by releasing a few strands in the front and let them freely fall along the sides of your face.

  5. To freshen up your makeup, add a touch of pink or red lipstick to your lips. Either colour will look great with your hair and add a level of sophistication to your look.

Finally, add a layer or two of mascara to give definition to your eyes. And voila, you are done with minutes to spare! Who needs to be fashionably late when you can be beautifully early?



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