Approachable makeup trends to try this Fall

Need a fresh look this fall? Update your fall face with these makeup trends.

When fall comes around, we’re all bombarded with the year’s trends to try. We admit it gets a little intense. You may think: Do I really see myself rocking a new variation of the cat-eye liner for school drop off? I want to turn heads, not give people whiplash.

We’re all willing to try things we know we can pull off in an effort to still keep things interesting. These trends worth trying are easy to execute in three minutes or less.

From one busy mom to another, here’s the beauty digest version:

Flushed Blush

After getting a lot of mileage out of your summer bronzers, autumn marks the return of rosy pink cheeks. Yes, a feverish flush. The look this season is winter swept – like you just came in from the cold.

Using your favorite (and biggest) blush brush, try smiling to add color just to the apples of your cheeks. Fake smile at yourself in the mirror while you apply. If you want a long-lasting effect, apply cream blush in hues of peachy pinks to your cheeks with your fingertips first, then follow with a sweep of powder blush to set the look.

‘90s Hip Lip 

If you’re married to a nude or neutral lip most days, try stepping out with a dash of color. In an ode to the dark and moody lips of the ‘90s, this fall you have full permission to go dark. Before applying, moisturize with a lip balm first, start with a matching lip liner and then go for the bold color – true reds, deep mahoganies, berries and black plums are all the rage right now. A trade secret: Apply color vertically along your lips to avoid pigment getting caught in your lip lines (which shouldn’t happen if you moisturized properly first).

Copper Craze

Metallics remain a popular staple in most moms’ makeup bags because it’s easy to throw them on the eyelids and go – and they offer a little fancy in a pinch. And there are more metallics on the horizon, as this fall’s featured repertoire is all about warm coppers and bronze. Beautiful shades like dark grey could go on the upper lid or covering the entire upper eyelid – cast a shimmery glow we could all use in the fall months.

Smoke and Mirrors

This fall brings back the smoky eyes we all know and love, but without the headache! If you haven’t been taking 14 steps on your eye shadow each morning, don’t worry. When it comes to quick and easy, this one’s a keeper:

Line your upper and lower lids (rims) with a black or dark brow brown pencil. For this 2015 autumn season we would recommend going for a brownish tone! It’s chic and elegant! Make the line heavy to go back and smudge. Using your fingertips to blend – or a sponge – wipe some of the liner off and smoke it up.

Follow up with some dark powder eye shadow in dark brown, deep bronze or beige to brush on top of the liner for a little more dimension.


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