Foundation Fundamentals: are you using the right one for you?

Foundation Fundamentals: are you using the right one for you?

Find out what foundation and makeup works best for your features by reading these great tips!

They call it foundation for a reason — on most days it provides the basis for your whole look. But because it lacks the glamour of a new eye shadow or the drama of a new bronzer, too often we take it for granted.

But is the foundation you're using the right one for you? 

Changing skin can require a change of foundation to find the right blend for you. Whether it's a combination of foundation and moisturizer, a liquid/powder duo or some variation in between, let us help you sort through your options with these great beauty and makeup tips.

Match Your Skin Tone 

The first essential consideration in choosing a foundation is skin tone. Your skin is either warm-toned or cool-toned. If you're not sure which you are, a simple silver/gold color test will tell you. Select a piece of silver jewelry and a piece of gold jewelry and take both into the natural sunlight along with a mirror. 
Hold each next to your skin and check to see which makes your skin look more vibrant. If your skin looks more vibrant next to gold, your skin has warm undertones. If it looks best with silver, your skin has cool undertones. You'll want to choose your new foundation accordingly. 

Warm-toned skin: it looks best with earthy beige and rosy pink foundations

Cool-toned skin: it’s enhanced by foundation with a cooler porcelain or ivory hue. 

Match Your Skin Type 

As your skin changes and matures, choosing a foundation that matches your skin type brings new challenges. Maturing skin becomes drier, loses elasticity and begins to show the effects of exposure to the environment. 

Are there particular changes you're trying to minimize? Try one (or more) of these tips:

- Defy fine lines: Keep your fine lines under cover with Olay Total Effects BB Cream 

- Smooth and silken: Smooth over imperfections with Olay CC Cream 

-  Revive radiance: If more radiant skin is what you're looking for, get back your natural glow with Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation from Max Factor 

Makeup Application Tips and Tricks 

In addition to choosing the foundation that's best for your changing skin, try new methods of applying your foundation to help you get a look you'll love. 

1) Instead of applying one coat of a heavy foundation, apply two coats of a light liquid foundation or CC cream. Steer clear of heavy foundations that can settle in fine lines and actually emphasize their appearance. 

2) Because foundation flows on more smoothly if you have a layer of moisturizer already in place, it's more important than ever to moisturize before you apply foundation. If you shied away from moisturizer under your foundation when you were younger for fear of clogging pores, now may be is the time to reconsider. 

3) Use loose powder and compacts for minor touch-ups, but be aware that too much powder can make your skin appear to be dryer. 

4) Find a high-quality concealer to match your skin tone and foundation; dot it on and blend carefully to hide brown spots and other discolorations.


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