30 Best Beauty Tips and Tricks

Not sure what cosmetics suit you the most? Follow our top make up tips for a glamorous look that suits you.

Myth 1: I can’t wear red lipstick

Yes you can! If you’re a first-timer, try a red tint rather than a solid color; the transparency makes it easier to wear. If your skin has a yellow undertone, wear warm reds (orangey reds) and if you have a pink undertone, wear cool reds (blue reds).

Myth 2: Natural is better

The decision to use natural products rather than those that contain synthetic ingredients should be based on personal preference as opposed to scientific fact, since there isn’t any scientific research to support the notion. An ingredient may have started out on a tree, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t chemically altered or processed on the way to the jar or tube.

Myth 3: A flawless paint job

Paint your nails in the evening and don’t worry about painting over the cuticles. Afterwards lightly rub a little cuticle oil over the nails. The next morning, rub off the ‘mistakes’ in the shower; they will lift away effortlessly. Then just add a top coat.

Myth 4: Toothpaste clears pimples

This myth arose from the days when toothpaste contained zinc, an ingredient recommended for problem skin, but this has been replaced with more effective components such as fluoride and antibacterial ingredients that actually exacerbate spots.

Myth 5: Foundation causes spots

On the contrary, wearing foundation can actually assist skin that is prone to breakouts if it contains ingredients that control oil. What’s important is that you cleanse your skin gently but effectively at the end of the day to remove foundation and debris.

Myth 6: I only tan once a year when I go on holiday, so it’s not so bad for my skin

Burning your skin once a year to get a tan is a sure-fire way of destroying it. While any form of sunburn damages your skin, extreme exposure once a year is the most damaging of all.

Myth 7: Color right

Often a little blusher is all you need to look more radiant and rested, so apply it straight after foundation and powder. It brightens your face and you won’t need as much other make-up.


Myth 8: Spot on

Grind an aspirin and mix it with a little water to make a paste. Apply the paste directly to the spot. Aspirin contains salicylic acid, the same ingredient in many cosmetics formulated for problem skin. It purifies pores, loosens dead skin and reduces inflammation and redness.

Myth 9: Lift dark or opaque lip color with lip balm

The color looked good in the tube, but now that you’ve applied it, it scares you and the neighbors! Simply apply Lip balm over your whole lip area and then blot your lips on a tissue. The color will lift beautifully.

Myth 10: What hair color suits me?

You know your hair color suits you when it enhances your eyes.

Myth 11: A drop of water will make dry mascara last longer

Adding water to mascara is an open invitation to nasties. The same applies to pumping the mascara wand in and out of the tube; it introduces excessive air which is far from sterile. Instead, pull the wand out carefully, store mascara in a cool place out of sunlight and use it within three months, then bin it.

Myth 12: Look the part quickly

Your boss has unexpectedly called you in for a presentation to clients and you don’t have time to get gorgeous. Simply take down shine with a little powder, apply lipstick (not gloss), blend under your eyes with a fingertip to remove any smudges, and add a spritz of perfume.

Myth 13: Drinking water will rehydrate my skin

Liters of water will have you running to the loo but won’t hydrate your skin. The structure responsible for keeping water in the skin is made up partially of fats, so ensure that your diet includes essential fatty acids.

Myth 14: Eating chocolate causes spots

Chocolate does not cause spots but the sugar it contains does, and a diet high in refined carbs, saturated fats and with lots of items high on the glycaemic index will cause skin problems.

Myth 15: Facial exercises prevent wrinkles

Sagging skin is caused by changes within the skin’s structure, so exercising the deeper muscles won’t make a difference. Scrunching up your face won’t do your skin any favor.

Myth 16: Cosmetics last longer if they’re kept in the fridge

Refrigeration actually disturbs the delicate oil and water emulsion of your cosmetics. Storing products at room temperature, out of direct sunlight and with their lids on, is best.

Myth 17: Straight lash solution

Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and then apply waterproof (rather than regular) mascara. It holds the curl for longer.

Myth 18: Fix scruffy nails in a minute

Instantly spruce up your nails by applying a little cuticle oil. It quickly does away with raggedy cuticles and dull nails.

Myth 19: Brush your hair 100 times a day

It might be good for your scalp, but not for the length of your hair. Repetitive brushing damages your hair and can cause breakage and splitting. It also distributes the natural oils, which leads to the need for more regular washing. Brush hair only when necessary.

Myth 20: Ding in your hair from elastic band?

Blast the dent with the hairdryer for a few seconds and it will miraculously drop away.

Myth 21: Doe Eyes

Pull the mascara wand out of the tube and, using the end of the brush, brush mascara onto the roots of the outside upper lashes first. Then work your way over to the inner corners with the rest of the brush – by then there will be just enough mascara on the brush so it doesn’t clump.

Myth 22: Spotty back

Bend forwards when you wash your hair so the conditioner doesn’t run over your back. Then wash your body with an anti-dandruff shampoo that contains salicylic acid to help control breakouts.

Myth 23: A squeaky clean skin is good

A squeaky clean skin has had its surface film removed – the film that protects your skin, keeping it resilient and youthful.

Myth 24: A yellow undertone should be balanced with a pink-toned foundation.

Your foundation has to match your skin color, whatever the tone.

Myth 25: Fail proof lipstick

Line lips, extend lip liner over the entire lip and apply a long-wearing lipstick. Blot and reapply.

Myth 26: Putting fragrance onto your skin

Spritz it on your clothes where it won’t be changed by your skin’s chemistry.

Myth 27: A dent in your nail enamel

Wet the pad of a finger with a little nail enamel remover and gently rub the dent until it’s smoothed over.

Myth 28: Products from the same range work best

Some ranges such as those formulated for pigmentation are designed to be used in conjunction with one another. Generally, it’s not necessary.

Myth 29: Shiny, happy hair

Looking for a quick pep-up for lacklustre hair? Then do your final rinse with beer.

Myth 30: Splashing my face with cold water will keep me looking young

It might momentarily firm and freshen skin, but in the long run it will do more damage than good. Sharp increases or decreases in temperature can cause permanent damage.


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