4 Ways to Keep Skin Hydrated on a Plane 

These four tips will help keep your skin looking fresh, even after spending hours on a plane when you travel again.

We all yearn for that fresh-from-vacation rested glow, but if you’ve ever been on a plane you know that traveling takes a huge toll on the skin. The cabin air causes dryness, clogged pores and can even trigger breakouts. Here are four tips to keep your skin hydrated and under control during those long holiday flights.

1. Cleanse and Exfoliate
Prep skin on both the face and body before a long flight by deep cleaning and exfoliating to remove any dead skin cells that may clog pores. A deep cleanse will also prepare the skin to absorb more moisturizer. It doesn’t hurt to throw some cleansing facial wipes in your carry-on for extra-long flights to remove makeup when it’s time to take a nap.

2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!
Flying will suck the moisture right out of your skin, even if you’re only airborne for a few hours. Applying moisturizer all over your face and body ahead of time is key. Prevent makeup from getting cakey and dry by opting for a tinted moisturizer or cream based makeup instead of a powder. It’s always a good idea to pick up a travel size of your favorite moisturizer for easy access during your travels.

3. Protect Your Pout
Oddly enough, the skin on your lips tends to be the first and fastest to dry out, so be sure to have at least one great, moisturizing lip balm in your carry-on.

4. Nourish Your Body
Keep the inside of your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water before, during and after your trip. Try to avoid salty airplane snacks, as they can cause you to retain water and bloat. Instead, opt for some fresh fruit.

Do you have any tried and true skincare travel tips?

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