5 Unexpected Ways Your Skin is Drying Out

5 Unexpected Ways Your Skin is Drying Out

See five reasons why the changing weather isn’t the only culprit affecting your dry complexion.

No matter the season, it's possible to suffer from a dry complexion — and you might be surprised to learn the root causes behind it. Here are five unexpected ways you might be drying out your skin.

1. Hot Showers
Ahh, hot showers. They're cozy. They're relaxing. They're soothing. And they're all but guaranteed to completely zap your skin of all hydration. While you're there, soaking under the scalding water in pure bliss, your skin is losing its protective barrier and getting stripped of its precious oils. This results in moisture loss. You're much better off with a warm shower — and don't forget to apply moisturizer afterward!

2. Scrubbing Your Complexion
Isn't exfoliation supposed to be good for your skin? Not when you're buffing it full force. Your complexion is soft and sensitive, and scrubbing too hard to remove dirt and oil can disrupt your moisture barrier. Instead, gently exfoliate your skin with a soft washcloth or an exfoliator designed specifically for your skin type. You'll have smooth, gorgeous skin in no time!

3. Sleeping with the AC on High
When the temperature starts going up in the arab peninsula, it can be tempting to just set 15 degrees and go under the covers like a bug in a rug. However, the air conditioning is only going to eliminate moisture. Make sure you install a humidifier in your room to ensure the air stays moist.

4. Using Soap
Bars of soap are common culprits for drying out skin, especially if you are using them on your face. Soap contains components that leave a residue, and this residue disrupts your skin's natural barrier. If you insist on using a soap bar, make sure you're choosing a moisturizing bar with hydration or shea butter.

5. Not Drinking Enough Water
What you put inside your body is reflected on the outside. So make sure you're drinking ample liquids, especially water. The old 8 ounces, eight times a day rule is commonly dismissed as a myth, and the reality is that everybody's water needs differ. What's not a myth? Your complexion will thank you for hydrating it, so drink up.


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