Boost Your Self-Love With An Ultimate Makeover

Boost Your Self-Love With An Ultimate Makeover

Achieving self-love is a work-in-progress to be practiced regularly. Something you can help maintain through a beauty makeover that works as an instant self-confidence booster as well. Read our tips on how to love yourself through a beauty makeover.
The way women feel about their look determines how they feel about themselves. A makeover can be a physical and emotional transformation for them all at once. Hence why people undergo a makeover at life-defining moments.
Stay true to yourself
Regardless of all the latest fashion and trends, a beauty makeover is all about YOU. It’s your character and your tastes that should be highlighted. There are 7 billion people on this earth, yet you're unique, and staying true to yourself will be what sets you apart. Therefore, always cherish what makes you who you are.

Schedule time  
Sometimes because of our busy lives, we tend to settle with less. The only way to continue on your path to your most confident self is not to give up on the process. Your workload might keep you on your toes during the week which could lead to skipping your skincare routine for instance. In that case, promise yourself to dedicate some time during the weekend for some beauty self-care.

Choose products that suit you
Every woman is beautiful and unique and so are you. If you are looking for a new skin routine, remember that not all skin types are the same and you should get one that compliments yours. Get to know your skin type so you are able to choose the right products. Your hair as well is unique and should get a tailored treatment. Answer our Pantene’s hair adviser (link: ) to discover which shampoo and hair products are the right choice for you. 

Practice self-love every day
Remember that the person looking back at you in the mirror is your greatest supporter. So always take care of her and help her maintain her self-confidence at all times. Don’t let work life overrun your needs. Always include some “me time” whether through exercise, beauty routines at home or monthly visits to the spa.

Finally, remember that at any stage in your life, there’s nothing that can boost your self-esteem more than positive change, making you feel good inside and out. Tell us how you practice self-care in the comments below. Don’t forget, this month our members get a chance to win a premium makeover gift voucher worth AED 500 for registering.[No text in field]
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