Let’s Break Out the Truth about Acne

Let’s Break Out the Truth about Acne

We've heard of it, dealt with it and tried to dodge it ever since we were teenagers. But alas!

But the thing is that even when you grow up it often doesn’t go away! To make acne easier to deal with, Olay debunks 5 of the most common acne myths.

Myth # 1: Adults don’t get acne.

As anyone who has ever battled a breakout just before a big date or an interview can tell you, acne is most definitely NOT just a teenage problem. That’s because it’s a skin disorder that commonly occurs during significant hormonal shifts in the body—and those can, and do, happen well into adulthood. Changing medications, dealing with a medical condition that affects hormone levels, or even stressing can all mean breakouts. And of course, skin also reacts to the changes in hormone levels that accompany pregnancy and menopause.

Myth # 2: Chocolate causes acne.

Have you ever turned down a piece of candy or a cup of java for the good of your skin? It turns out, there’s no strong or convincing data that things like chocolate, peanut butter or caffeine have any influence on the severity of acne. But one thing we do know for sure, drinking lots of water has many health benefits—including the maintenance of beautiful, hydrated skin.

Myth #3: Skip the sunscreen if you have acne.

Sun protection is extremely important for the overall health of your skin, so you should never pass on sunscreen. If you suspect a connection between your sunscreen and your breakouts, it might just be the formula. Fortunately, there are lots of different sunscreen options out there today. So look for one that’s designed for sensitive skin, or better yet, one marked “non-comedogenic” so you know that the formula won’t clog pores. Your skin will thank you.

Myth #4 Skin prone to acne does not tolerate skin foundations, just mineral powder in the best-case scenario.

This might have been true several decades ago when oily and thick textures clogged pores and caused inflammations but today things are different. Light formulas let the skin breathe and conceal breakouts by adapting to your complexion. Moreover, modern foundation creams, like Olay Total Effects BB cream SPF15 or Olay Essentials Complete BB cream SPF15, also provide sunscreen and hydration.

Myth #5: Sun tanning improves acne.

Some believe that catching some rays can counteract oily skin or even kill the bacteria that can cause acne. While the sun may temporarily dry your skin or make it feel less oily, the truth is that your glands will still continue to produce oil. Additionally, UV radiation will not penetrate deep enough into the skin to kill acne-causing bacteria.

Myth #6: Acne will improve by more cleansing.

Studies done on teens with acne have shown that face washing twice a day with a cleanser is better than cleansing once or not at all. The problem is that excessive exposure to facial cleansers can irritate skin. And general skin irritation looks very similar to the irritation that accompanies acne. So make sure your approach to skin care is balanced, and consider a daily skin care regimen that treats all your skin care needs holistically.


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