Effective Day Creams for All Ages

Whatever your skin type (greasy, combination or dry), there are a range of different formulae available to suit different budgets as well as individual needs and age groups. Ceramides, hyaluronic acid, coenzymes.....how do you know what you need if you don't have a Masters degree in chemistry?


The problem:

The skin loses its radiance and the first fine lines start to appear (because of stress), with crow's feet around the eyes and what appear to be frown lines between the eyebrows, which, despite being barely visible at this stage, are nevertheless most definitely there! Broken veins are starting to show around the nose, and if you're lucky enough to be expecting a baby, you'll probably find you have brown spots thrown into the mix, too, breaking out on the brow, the chin and around the mouth.

The solution:

  • Deeply moisturise the skin using creams containing ceramides, natural lipids found in the epidermis, or natural oils (such as argan or evening primrose).
  • Protect the skin against stress and external irritants (such as pollution and tobacco smoke) using Vitamin C-based creams for their anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Prevent the appearance of brown spots (caused by pregnancy and exposure to the sun, among other things) using creams with a high UV protection factor and creams containing Vitamin A or hydroquinone, a molecule which helps to impede pigmentation.


40- 50-Years-Olds

The problem:

You start to look tired, even after a good night's sleep, your skin starts to dry out, the wrinkles deepen and your complexion becomes dull. The cheeks aren't as firm as they used to be and the facial contour starts to soften; the time has come to take action!

The solution:

  • Target those wrinkles and get to work firming them up. Select anti-ageing moisturising creams containing Vitamins C and E, retinol (a Vitamin A derivative) or the very trendy coenzyme Q10. For those who prefer to stick to natural remedies, products rich in polyphenols (such as green tea or grape seed extract) are a safe bet. 
  • Lift and firm using products containing hyaluronic acid and collagen.


50- 60-Years-Olds

The problem:

The menopause is catching up with you, the skin becomes thinner and coarser, the cheeks and chin start to sag, the wrinkles are more prominent than they've ever been and age spots appear on the nose and brow. Don't panic!

The solution:

Go for 2-in-1 formulae and concentrated creams

  • Plump up and fill in wrinkles using a hyaluronic acid and matrikine-based cream
  • Nourish and smooth the skin using a peptide cream
  • Reduce pigmentation marks using AHAs (glycolic acid)
  • Complete the look with a cream containing light reflecting agents which make the skin appear smoother and younger



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