Skin darkening woes? Don't panic!

Skin darkening woes? Don't panic!

As alarming as it may seem, skin darkening is common and can be easily taken care of with some careful skincare measures.

There are moments when you look in the mirror and you realize that your skin doesn’t have the same colour as before. It might be suntan if it’s even and golden – or it can be skin darkening, the much feared phenomenon that can however be easily neutralized by adapted skincare.

Dermatologists speak about several main reasons that can cause a change of your complexion, and each of them requires specific treatment. So, what are they?

Deep skin layers dehydration

Uneven skin tone can be result of malfunctioning of deeper skin tissues. Very often damage that is not always seen from the outside can account for darkening. In this situation deep moisturizing is essential. It regularizes the water balance and helps get the profound skin cells back in shape. The ideal solution is a rich moisturizer with a self-recovery, water-like texture that adapts even to the driest areas of your skin. It is important to apply the cream that suits you regularly because punctual applications will never give you a long lasting effect.

UV damage

Spending too much time outdoors without sunscreen is the second big reason for skin pigmentation. Here it’s simple: overexposure to sunlight is a risk you’d want to avoid. Sunblock is the simplest solution. When the call of the great outdoors is too much to bear, wearing a sunblock with an SPF of at least 15 can help keep harmful UV rays at bay.

Slow skin renewal

When the top layer of skin cells fails to regenerate, skin can also get darker. To stimulate natural renewal, try exfoliating. This does not necessarily mean aggressive scrubs or peelings. Softer treatments have been created for sensible skin that are no less effective for removing dead skin cells than their stronger counterparts. 

Allergy and blemishes

These are the factors that are not purely skin-related but might also cause skin darkening. Both of them need to be treated specifically, and once you get rid of their causes, you can be sure that pigmentation will disappear soon, too.

Magic whitening

As for the skin whitening treatments, Olay White Radiance Intensive Fairness Serum and Intensive Fairness Cream are a good example of a complex system that tackles most of the skin darkening issues and has proven to be an effective way to get back your fair complexion. And, as usual when it comes to skincare and a generally healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and balanced diet are equally crucial. Drink lots of water daily, exercise regularly, and make sure to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.


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