The top ten shaving tips for women

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Hair removal for women can be quite the ordeal, especially if the hair growth is in excess; Because shaving is a tricky business, here are ten expert tips for women shaving with razors:

Tip 1: Exfoliate

Before you begin shaving, exfoliating is a must. It helps get rid of dead skin cells that could provide resistance to your razor and result in cuts. Exfoliation helps lift the hair, so you can get a closer, smoother shave.

Tip 2: Buy a razor with at least three blades

Most women use disposable one- and two-blade razors for their shaving purposes. However, a three-blade razor like Gillette Venus is ideal. This is the first women’s razor that has been shaped and designed to suit the female contours. With three precision blades mounted on a spring-loaded oval head, Gillette Venus ensures a comfortable shaving experience.

Tip 3: Buy a new razor or repeat cartridges periodically

If you use a disposable razor, get rid of it as soon as you can – after three to four uses. Conversely, if you use the Gillette Venus razor, replace the cartridge when you notice the indicator strip fading. Using an old razor with a faded indicator strip will not allow for a comfortable, efficient shave.

Tip 4: Always use a lubricant

It is crucial to slather on shaving gel/cream before you begin the shaving process. A mildly-scented gel like the Gillette Satin Care shaving gel works beautifully in conjunction with the Gillette Venus razor. However, if you’re strapped for cash or have run out of shaving gel/cream, use hair conditioner. Note: If the gel or conditioner washes off too soon, feel free to reapply.

Tip 5: Shave downwards and then upwards

There’s always been a loud echo that insists on shaving in the direction of hair growth. However, for those with sensitive skin – and just to be safe – it is better to shave downward first and then proceed to shaving against the direction of growth.

Tip 6: Never shave in horizontal strokes

If the upward-downward shaving doesn’t rustle up enough controversy, sliding the razor sideways against the skin sure does. If there’s one shaving technique you must stay miles away from, it is giving in to the urge to slide the blade sideways across your skin; if you do, you could end up with some painful cuts.

Tip 7: Cover your razors with plastic

Leaving your razor in the bathroom exposes it to heat and steam, which leads to quicker rusting. It is advisable to keep your razor outside of your bathroom and cap it with its protective plastic cover. This will ensure that the blades are free from daily dust and grime, which in turn will allow for a good shave the next time round.

Tip 8: Stretch your skin

When shaving a part of your body like the lower stomach, pull your skin back, so that your razor blade doesn’t get stuck in the skin folds while shaving, thus causing resistance. Pulling your skin taut allows the blade to move seamlessly over the skin, in smooth strokes.

Tip 9: Invest in a razor that comes with a moisturising strip

The Gillette Venus razor comes with an Aloe Vera- and Vitamin E-infused indicator strip, which provides further hydration to the shaving process and protects your skin from razor burn.

Tip 10: Use post-shave moisturising agents

You may have had a nick-free, smooth shaving experience, but don’t stop there. Make your experience come full circle by applying a post-shave moisturising agent like baby oil, aloe vera gel, or even a cold compress. This will help treat post-shave irritation that might occur.


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