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The Ultimate Wedding Checklist | EverydayMe Arabia


Pamper and prepare yourself

Taking care of yourself should be top priority and you need to choose the right beauty treatment for you and your skin. Just make sure to start a beauty routine at least 10 days before your wedding date, as facials can irritate your face, waxing can cause discomfort and massages can lead to sore muscles. And since your smile is the most important feature you need to show off, start your teeth whitening process with Crest a month ahead to have the brightest smile when your big day is finally here. 

Finalize all your wedding related tasks

Before putting the final touches on your wedding, make sure you have a wedding checklist in hand so you don’t forget any details, whether big or small. Make sure you:

Get a final head count of the invitees: you will need to call or email those who haven’t RSVP’d your wedding invitation, in order to get back to your wedding caterer and venue and cut any costs you can avoid. Get someone to help you if you have a large list.

Wrap up the seating chart: after getting the final list of attendees, sit down with your husband-to-be in order to finalize the seating arrangements. Once done, make sure to send a copy to the wedding planner, photographer and the person/host who will be in charge of welcoming the guests.

Go over the final details with your vendors: you will need to review all of the details with them during a meeting or at least a phone call, to confirm their schedules and make sure they have everything under control. In the last month, you will also need to have your final payments ready to avoid having to take care of these details last minute or on your wedding day.

Confirm beauty appointments and try the whole look

When it comes to your beauty appointments, don’t leave anything last minute:

Schedule the final fitting and put the last touches on your wedding gown at least 3 weeks before the big day.

Plan a hair and make-up trial with your veil to decide on your final look.

Book your beauty appointments (mani, pedi, hair, make-up, etc.) and confirm timings with every team.

Once your dress is ready, try on the full look at home including shoes, veil and jewelry making sure everything looks great. Most importantly break in your shoes and wear them around the house to get used to them. 

Organize and confirm honeymoon plans

If you are going on a honeymoon, you will need to confirm that all your travel arrangements are set, from flight and hotel reservations to airport pickup and activities you will be taking part of.  Depending on your destination, make sure you make a honeymoon list of all the items you will need. Packing should also be done in advance so you don’t have to worry about last-minute laundry or forgotten items.

Keep yourself stress-free

Now that you have everything planned ahead of time, dedicate some time to relax and breathe before the big day. Treat yourself to a massage and relax with a home spa experience using Febreze making sure your home smells fresh and is stress-free. Now, all you need to do is wait and catch up on some sleep before the big day.

Prepare a wedding emergency kit

No matter how well you are prepared, you never what kind of surprises you might face on your wedding day. You might wake up with a zit or tear your dress during the wedding the ceremony. Hence, the need to pack an emergency kit. Download our wedding emergency toolkit below, and be entirely ready for anything that may come your way.

Are you planning your wedding this year? Share with us in the comments which step do you think is most important during the planning phase.



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