8 Active Wear Trends To Up Your Workout Game

Follow these active wear trends to look fit and chic.

A fashionable workout outfit can make you look good, feel great and provide the extra bit of motivation so you can get your sweat on. If you’re ready to up your exercising style game, look into some of these hot new trends for summer.

Work out like a dancer

Barre classes

A workout program that combines Pilates, yoga and ballet barre strength- building techniques. It’s one of the latest fitness trends and has inspired new lines of active wear reminiscent of a ballerina’s elegant practice look. Try long sleeve leotards, fitted t- shirts, knitted shorts in classic ballet hues: creams, pale pinks and mauve.

Rebooted sweat pants

No more saggy fitting pant legs with elasticized ankles. Get sweat pants that are cut with modern styling: low -rise and ankle length with a skinny silhouette. The fabric is still super stretchy for comfort and easy movement.

Tailoring is in

Tired of body clinging styles? This summer, go with more tailored workout gear in classic colors: charcoal, black, navy, and white. The lines of these jackets, tanks and shorts are so sleek and chic you might find yourself wearing them more for socializing than exercising.

Tribal graphic prints

Workout leggings come in a variety of lengths: from knee to ankle. But forgo the black this summer and check out bottoms in tribal prints: black and white graphical patterns with pops of orange, aqua and yellow. Pair with a solid-color tee and you’re ready to sweat in style.

Smart fabrics

Active wear just got smarter. High performance fabrics smooth out and support your shape, and have many sweat wicking and antibacterial properties. Major sports clothing manufacturers have also developed fabrics with cooling technology. This helps prevent overheating, which sounds perfect for those hot workouts. Styles range from tops to long workout pants.

Then there is also the wearables trend—devices worn on your wrist to track your activity and fitness levels — that continues to explode. For runners, they can track mileage, pace, elevation, heart rate, and calories burned. “Smart fabrics” can now do something similar. Shirts embedded with fiber-optic threads can measure your vital signs.

Get the right shoes

Whatever your fitness activity, make sure to get the proper shoes. They are necessary to perform well, and most importantly, prevent injuries. Good athletic shoes should always have solid cushioning, support and be constructed for the specific activity. Lucky for us, shoe styles are off the charts when it comes to fabrics and color combos. This summer, sneaker looks are coming straight from the runways: mixed plaids and prints, leather and mesh, upholstery fabrics and crocodile-embossed. Accent subdued-colored tees and sports pants with eye-catching sneakers and your look will fly.

The perfect outfit can make you feel confident and energized. The same goes for active wear. The exciting variety of styles and new technologies can help make you fit and fabulous.


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