Break these fashion laws

When you packed your bag for a weekend away, you took pantyhose that don't go at all with the only dress you brought. When you got dressed this morning, you didn't realize that you were putting on a spotted blouse with a checked skirt. So what? Fashion laws are made to be broken!

Law 1: do not mix spots and stripes                                                                       

If they are mixed well, these patterns can look really pretty together. Dare to combine stripes and checks. Just watch for a good balance. Combine broad stripes with small flowery prints. Narrow stripes on a neutral background look great with big prints.                                                           

Law 2: no horizontal stripes for size 44 (and up)                                                                       

OK, so you're not skinny. But this is not a reason to try to make yourself fade into the background! Don't hesitate to underline your curves with horizontal lines and prints. They will not make you look slimmer, but they will accentuate your style and beauty!                                                           

Law 3: save glitz and glamour for evening parties                                                                       

And why not adopt glitz and glamour for looking great everyday? You just have to combine them subtly. If you are wearing a sequined skirt, choose a plain blouse or T-shirt, a classic jacket and flat shoes.                                              

Law 4: designer boutiques are only for fashionistas                                                                       

This type of store often has very beautiful basics. Well cut white T-shirts, little woolen jackets that never go out of style, T-shirt dresses in trendy shades, etc. These basics can give your wardrobe a good boost. 

Law 5: new season, new shoes                                                                       

Forget this outdated law. If shoes are worn properly, they couldn't care less about the seasons. Your rain boots will be fantastic in the summer with shorts. And that way you will be all set for summer rainstorms! In the winter, your sandals will be amazing with thick long socks. 


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