Fashion tips: 5 ways to wear a one-piece dress

No other item in your closet is as convenient as a one-piece dress for coordinating your look.

However, it is also easy to get it wrong! Read on these fun ways to get it right!

Many get into a rut when it comes to coordinating with dresses. Just because you wear a dress with an eye-catching design doesn’t mean you’re done.

Look Feminine

First of all, you must consider your overall look. For example, if you are going to wear a feminine dress, you can add other feminine items to unify your look. If you’re not sure what to do, trying unifying the color of the accessories. For darker color dresses, you can add accessories with brighter colors for a fancier look, and for lighter color dresses, use darker accessories to give focus to your look.

For casual occasions

A one-piece dress is simple, so the shoes and other accessories you add can really change the overall impression. For example, if you add sneakers to a feminine dress, it can fit in at a casual occasion. If the neck area has a fancy design, you can cover it with a scarf or stole. Wrap it around the neck, and be sure to let the ends hang down. This will create a vertical silhouette that’ll make you look slim.

Add an accessory with a strong design

If you want to have a more mature look, try adding a jacket, high heels, or boots with a strong design to the dress. The key is not to use too many dark colors.

Leggings or skinny jeans are often worn with one-piece dresses, but if this is not done right, it can come off sloppy or boyish, so be careful.

Make your legs look longer

You may not feel comfortable letting your legs show, but if you wear a dress with a high-waist seam, people’s eye will be drawn up. This will also make your legs look longer because your waist will seem higher. For dresses without a waist seam, you can create the same effect by using a belt.

Keep your legs looking shapely with daily exercise and keep them moisturized with cream. A pedicure is also a must if you wear open-toed footwear.

Perfect for travel

So far, we’ve talked about how to coordinate dresses for everyday looks. But, dresses are also perfect when you’re on a trip. You don’t need to pack separate tops and bottoms - which makes coordinating and packing so much easier. If you have to move around during your trip or if you’ll be wearing a short-length dress, it may be better to pack some leggings.

People who know how to dress are able to create different looks with items they already have. Why not try creating your own looks with one-piece dresses?


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