Spring Fashion Tips For Your Body Type

We love seeing the new fashion trends that come out each season, but how do you choose among all the trends and inviting pieces that fill the stores?

What kind of mindset do we need in order to avoid making those mistaken purchases that after a few wears mostly hang collecting dust in the closet? A tried and true approach is to think about which designs and trends suit you and your body shape best. On the basis of four common body types, we will guide you on how you can accentuate and flatter your particular body.


Body type Hourglass (well recessed waist, shoulders the same width as the hips). Aim to create a balance between the upper and lower regions. Bring out your curves, using pliable materials and styles. Match tops and bottoms, so that there is no clash in patterns and colors. Avoid square cut garments that hide your attractive shape.

Spring trends particularly for you:

  • Graphical or small-patterned dresses with a gathered or indented waist.
  • Long-striped, dressy pants with a simple top, or sweeping lengths in long skirts, dresses, and "pant dresses".
  • For dresses or pant dresses, draw them in at the waist, to accentuate your shape as much as possible.


Body type Pear (narrow at the top, wider at the bottom).

You should be striving for a little more balance in your shape. Add focus to your thin torso, using shapely tops that do not go down over your hips. The lower part should be in a darker shade than the top. Avoid thin, flimsy material in skirts and pants, and rely on lower garments in materials with a little stability.

Spring trends for you:

  • Bright, airy tops in silky materials
  • Patterned tops, and necklines that draw attention to themselves
  • Tops with a layered impression.


Body type Rectangle (not curvaceous, with little or no indentation at the waist). Strive to appear as if you had a few more curves. Choose plenty of contrasts and patterns, so as to create the illusion of shapes and curves. Avoid matching tops and bottoms, which reinforce the impression of straightness.

Spring trends for you:

  • Patterns of all kinds.
  • Wide, sweeping skirts
  • Dressy pants with extra width
  • It may be advantageous for you to try a flowing skirt, because it gives the impression of a more curvaceous figure.


Body type Inverted Triangle (broad at the top, narrow at the bottom).

You should strive to even out the shape. Think the opposite as with the upside down triangle shape described above. Avoid loose, translucent tops with eye-catching necklines. Instead, choose a heavier material for the top, preferably in darker colors. In order to get an airy spring feeling, have a sweeping garment hem.

Spring trends for you:

  • Wide, sweeping pants
  • Tops in solid colors or very subdued patterns.
  • Patterned bottoms that draw attention to themselves.


Last but not least: Whatever your body shape, highlight the part or parts of your body that you think are the most flattering. When you feel good, you will radiate an irresistible confidence, whatever the trendy spring clothing you choose to wear.


Author: Karolina Modig.


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