Celebration time: 7 tips to prepare your family for Ramadan

Ramadan is on its way and it's time for the community to reconnect with family, friends and neighbours, a time to show our gratitude, and also bond together for a common spiritual cause.

During this period, families have their special routines and preparations for the meals. Everyday Me Arabia has prepared for you a list of smart and helpful tips to assist you during this time and make sure everything is perfectly set for Ramadan gatherings.


1. Plan ahead of time

Start going through food magazines and special family recipes to prepare your own meal calendar. Buy all necessities and ingredients two weeks before Ramadan so you can spend less time during the holy month rushing about. This will help you focus on your religious rituals and spiritual development.


2. Decorate your house

Show off your decorations this year and recreate Ramadan traditions. Start by bringing Ramadan to your door with putting up Ramadan lights. Also, buy new household goods, place candles and different kinds of flowers to set a warm atmosphere for your family and friends. Buying new plates and dishes can set the mood for Ramadan so you can feel the true spirit of Ramadan.


3. Get the children busy

Engage your kids in creative activities that remind them of Ramadan. Prepare the Qatayef together, read the moral story books in groups, and invite their friends for coloring moments together at the house.


4. Cook in advance

Here are some time-saving tips for you to organize the meals:

  • Cut the vegetables you will be needing for your meals and for your salads and store them in the freezer to have them ready when needed, saving up the time
  • If you soak dates in milk or water and eat them for Iftar, pit the dates before you break your fast
  • Chop onions, garlic and store them in the freezer to have them ready when cooking during Ramadan. After cooking the garlic and onions, stock up on Febreze and remember to spray it before Iftar time to eliminate the smells and keep your home smelling fresh.
  • Cook bigger portions of soup and store them since this is an essential dish that you will be having every day during Ramadan


5. Share housework chores

Prepare your kids before Ramadan and teach them how fun and enjoyable housework can be during this moment, like setting the table and arranging the Iftar. Relate their action with the notion of Sadaqah and good deeds. The reward of their good deeds is multiplied during Ramadan. Buy one bottle of Fairy to save up on dishwashing detergent as one bottle will last you for the whole month of Ramadan.


6. Gather your neighbors for Iftar 

The closest neighbors can attend this event. Send out invitations for an "Iftar gathering" a week at most in advance. Be cordial, generous and friendly, but maintain Islamic rules of behavior and modesty. More than a party, this is a religious celebration that is spiritual and respectful to all. On other days, you can also prepare some dishes and sweets for them as Ramadan is all about sharing and giving.


7. Embrace the spirit of giving

The spirit of giving doesn’t apply to food only since Ramadan is all about helping those in need. Donate the clothes that you don’t need and ask your kids to donate as well their older toys while explaining the benefit of doing so. 



Is there anything we missed? Share with us how do you usually prepare for Ramadan gatherings with your family through the comments below.






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