DIY: Decorate Mugs With The Kids

Your kitchen cupboards are filled with mugs you never use? Why not let your children decorate them?

Everyday Me Arabia came up with this DIY idea to create chalkboard mugs: a creative indoor family activity! Enjoy fun breakfasts every day!

Very little is necessary:

A mug (plain, if possible, for better results)
Chalkboard paint and a stick to stir it
A bowl to put paint in, to plunge the mug into

Before you pour the paint into the bowl, stir it with the stick so it’s well mixed.

Plunge the mug in the bowl so that the paint reaches the desired height. Be careful not to go too high, better not have your kids put their mouths on the paint when they drink. Try to hold the mug as straight as possible for a straight demarcation line.

Make sure you allow enough time for the excess paint to stop dripping. This kind of paint is thick, so it shouldn’t take more than 1 min.

Place the mug to dry, painted side facing down. Be careful not to touch the painted side to avoid leaving fingerprint marks on it! It’s a fairly delicate operation that should be handled by an adult. Mugs take about 1 day to dry.

When the next morning comes, kids and adults alike will be able to draw their inspiration of the day or write a little love note on their mugs! A nice idea that will make family time even more precious! As long as you don’t forget to buy chalks…


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