Special DIY Eid Gifts

Special DIY Eid Gifts

Move away from the predictable and try your hand at some meaningful and unique Eid gifts this season - fun to make and fun to give away too!

Photo Vases


Nothing says love and effort than a personalised gift. Create a brilliant photo vase for your family and friends. Buy a clear long vase, make sure it is tube-like in shape. Print a black and white picture of your favourite memory in vellum paper. Stick double-sided tape on the edges of the printout and wrap the paper around the vase. Put a battery-operated tea light inside for a magnificent effect.



Seeds can be amazing gifts that not only serve as a great hobby but act as a constant reminder of your ever-growing bond. You could get seeds for a fruit tree, flower tree or even a herbal shrub. All you need to purchase are cute bottles, labels, ribbons and of course the seeds. Add a sweet message and you are done. Everyone will be thanking you for years as they enjoy the produce.


Spice it up

Add a little flavour to your loved ones lives. Buying spices in bulk can make an affordable and unique gift for anyone who loves to cook, or for someone who may have bought a new house. Get creative, perhaps give the spice collection a world theme such as Italy, Arabia, India, China, etc. Give your simple gift a special touch by including some interesting recipes.


Money Balloons

Thinking of creative ways of gifting money to the young ones? How about a balloon bouquet with a twist? The twist is the money inside the balloons. Now, that would surely add a pop of fun to a regular gift. 


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