Easy Iftar decor ideas for your home!

Easy Iftar decor ideas for your home!

Ramadan is a time that's ideally suited to a warm and traditional hosting environment.

For Iftar you can bring special touches to your home with a selection of accessories, ornaments and luxurious serving ware. Read on for some excellent ideas!

Home decor

Jewel tones of amethyst, ruby, emerald and turquoise are another big favorite this season, and they lend a subtle and traditional look. Also, choose vases or decorative items in colours that enhance your home. Don't forget about the flowers: pick your favourite ones and prepare nice bouquets to a warm welcome. Flowers brighten the home.

A warm welcome

It’s appropriate to welcome your guests with tea and dates, and an Arabesque tea set with etched designs is a perfect way to serve your guests. You can also use glass decanters and jugs filled with jallab, kamarudeen or laban.

Traditional platters with delicate engravings or ornate designs are an all-time favourite, too, but for an innovative display, try serving a variety of dates and sweets on cake stands.

Table Set

For the main meal, mix modern design elements with a traditional touch.

A stunning table arrangement will complete your Iftar setting. Bouquets, crystal glasses, bone-china crockery with delicate designs are highlights that can make any table setting a work of art. Inspire yourself and your family.


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