Festivities planning tips

Savvy ideas to help you get organized so you can enjoy the holidays!

Make the most of these Festivities' shortcuts, and you’ll have time to get everything else in shape.

1)    Make a list of who is coming or staying over during the holidays, including details like vegetarian meals you might need to make.

2)    Decide what you’re going to cook for your family meals. Make a daily plan board and hang it on your fridge.

3)    Buy treats and the meal items that won’t go off.

4)    Wrap presents. Plan a time when everyone will be out. Wrapping takes longer than you think, and you don’t want to leave it until the last minute.

5)    Check if you have enough glasses, plates and cutlery for your guests.

6)    Get the kids to plan any games they want to play with visiting cousins and to dig these out of cupboards for you.

7)    Buy white flowers for New Year’s Eve, it’s a special occasion!

8)    If you don’t have time to get the whole house in shape, think about what spaces in your home will get the most use over the holidays and focus on tidying those first.

9)    Use any afternoon to have a good look through your wardrobe, pulling out a couple of party outfit favorites. Make sure they’re clean and in good shape for coming festivities so you don’t end up stressing just before a big night.

10)   Carry around a little address book and a few cards at time and write your greetings for the New Year. It’s polite and elegant to send a handwritten card to your friends and relatives.


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