Fun Family Weekends

Tired of the same old weekend plans? Bored of spending a copious amount of time and effort in the name of fun and distraction?

If so, we have some simple ideas that keep your family entertained all weekend long.


Explore your city

This is your chance to put on your tourist hat and get to know your city better. Take the kids out to the zoo, aquarium or the planetarium. If you want to avoid crowds and queues, just pack a picnic basket and head out to the beach or the desert. You'd be surprised how little you know about your city once your start exploring it.


Game night

Invest in some board or card games to brighten up a dull weekend. Take it outdoors if you can by arranging a family basketball or table tennis match. Not only will your family get the needed fresh air and exercise but this will also serve as an excellent bond-strengthener. 


Movie Night

Buy some DVD's or legally download some flicks, pop some corn and declare it a movie night. Throw in some theme food, some cushions, turn off the lights and enjoy celluloid magic. Movies are great entertainers for a cosy night in with the family.



Get creative in the kitchen with your family. Make your pizzas and sandwiches, bake or decorate cookies. Take advantage of your yard and have a barbeque. Don't be afraid of the mess- it's worth it.


Get Artsy

Gear up for an event with the help of the entire clan, be it handmade decorations for a religious festival or preparations for a cousin's wedding - creating something from scratch with each other is a fun way of getting the family together.

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