Fun outdoor activities for your family

It’s great to get out and stretch your body, and kids will enjoy outdoor games even if it’s humid or windy.

Follow these tips and make them happy!

Getting started

To organize outdoor activities for kids, you have to get them out of the house first!

  • Ask children to pack treats with you, so they know there’s something to look forward to when you stop for a break.
  • Give older children and teenagers a sporty challenge that turns your trip out into a quest: can they make it to the top of a steeper hill, or doing a loop walk in a faster time?
  • Suggest somewhere new to keep things exciting, or invite your child’s best friend along.

Go for a Walk

Smartphones and music players often have ‘pedometer’ functions these days so challenge your kids to come out for a 2000-step walk. Keeping tabs on their progress will take their mind off all that exercise they’re getting.

Sound effects trail

Get your kids to record their outdoor activities on your phone, then create a soundtrack when they get home. Crackling ice, squelching mud, rustling wind-battered trees, bird song and even rowdy children in a paddling pool on a hot summer’s day all sounds great…You can try it with video too, creating a story along the way.

Play Outdoor Games in the Park

Challenging everyone to a competitive activity will get the kids busy whether it’s hot or cold.

Savvy tip

When planning activities for kids, always be ready for action. Keep an old towel and wellies in the boot of your car, and line your trunk with an old sheet in case you need to stash muddy clothes at the end of a day out.

Pass it on– family snacks to fuel outdoor activities

Everyone enjoys themselves more if they’re not hungry. Make a trip out into a treat with our suggestions for tasty lunches.



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