Get your garden ready for entertaining

With Fall approaching in the arab peninsula, how about inviting friends and relatives around to enjoy the weather outside?

There’s no excuse to tidy your backyard!

Five steps to a party-ready garden

1) Get your hands on a pressure washer
Hook one of these up to the garden tap and get zapping: grot, grime, patio weeds, leaves and unidentifiable gunk all disappear on impact. Watch out, though – a pressure washer can strip off flaky paint and will reduce garden chairs that are a bit rickety to matchsticks.

2) Make charming homemade decorations
For bunting, just cut out a cardboard template in a diamond shape and then use it to make paper or fabric pieces. Fold each diamond in half with string or ribbon tucked into the fold, then glue the two triangular flaps together, adding other pieces every 10cms.

3) Bring the indoors out

Everyday cushions, throws and small cotton rugs can all make patio seating more comfortable. Even a few side tables or stools can work for your guests’ drinks and nibbles. Fairy lights and garlands bring an instant sense of festivity to a garden.


Set up a well-stocked help-yourself area with a large tub of ice and refreshers (because these invariably go missing). Chop, skewer and marinade all the food and line it up on disposable platters in the fridge.

EverydayMe Arabia Tip

Invest in some attractive picnicware to use, but offer real cutlery and glasses for a civilized atmosphere.

Pass it on – shortcuts for garden slackers

  • Just as vacuuming a room makes it look presentable, mowing the lawn is the quickest way to give your garden a well-tended air.
  • Trim the edges around the beds and paved areas too: the straight lines generate instant visual impact.
  • Don’t worry about a few weeds if you’re short of time: they’re green and some of them even have flowers.
  • Plant up containers with cheap and cheerful bedding plants and position them where your guests will be gathering.



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