Host the perfect party

Throwing a party may seem like hard work but, if you’re well organised, it is much easier than you think

Throwing a party may seem like hard work but, if you’re well organised, it is much easier than you think 

Relax; throwing a party is much easier than you think. These tips will make a domestic goddess of you yet!


First choose the date and time. Then decide on how many people and who will be attending the party. If your guest list runs over the amount of people you can comfortably cater for, enlist the help of family and friends. 

Make lists

It is a good idea to make lists for everything, including a guest list, ingredients list, cleaning list, a list for last-minute errands, and so on. Lists help to keep you focused and less stressed, and make planning appear seamless 

Food and drink

Decide on your menu, based on whether your party will be a sit-down dinner or a buffet. Then think of what you will need for every course, as well as breads, salads, and so on – also include healthier options. Refrain from trying out a new and difficult recipe that requires lots of preparation. There’s nothing worse than stressing in the kitchen while guests are milling around in your lounge! 

Set the mood

  • Place a few candles around the room for ambience, or create subtle lighting with dimmer switches on electric lighting.
  • Create extra seating or make more space for standing by moving unnecessary furniture out of the room – this space could also be used for dancing.
  • Have an assortment of music on hand to create different moods. 

And so to bed

If your guests stay over, ensure they are comfortable. Create a hotel feel in your guest room with these top tips:

  • Place a small vase with flowers, some magazines and a clock.
  • Make the bed cosy with four pillows (two firm and two medium) and top-quality linen. A hypoallergenic duvet is light and comfortable – also check if guests are allergic to any types of fabrics or feathers, and so on.
  • Supply blankets if the weather is cooler.
  • Provide hand towels and bath towels.
  • Have a guest box with essentials such as plasters, ear buds, and so on.
  • Make sure there are plenty of hangers and enough cupboard space.
  • If you have space, include a desk with a small lamp. 

 Good ideas

  • Set the dinner table the night before – it means you will have one less thing to think about on the day of the party.
  • Do as much of the cooking and preparation as possible ahead of time. For example, chop vegetables, make dessert, and so on.
  • Cover all refrigerated foods with cling film or kitchen foil to prevent them from drying out.
  • Remove food from the refrigerator that should be served at room temperature at least an hour before guests arrive.
  • Personally greet guests as they arrive.
  • Introduce guests to each other, especially if they do not know anyone.
  • Offer a variety of interesting snacks.
  • Warm serving plates and dishes.
  • Place ice cubes in a bucket decorated with a festive ribbon.


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