How to grocery shop with kids without losing your mind

Unless your children have never misbehaved, you’re probably familiar with the dreaded conundrum of trying to go grocery shopping with kids in tow.

It doesn’t have to be horrible. But it does take a little work to avoid meltdowns and misbehavior and massive frustration. Try these tips and tricks to get through your next shopping trip.

1. Choose the time of day wisely. Typically, mornings are quieter than the late afternoon rush. Try to pick a time that isn’t as busy. You’ll be in and out more quickly, and that gives your kids less time to unravel.

2. Give older kids jobs. Give your kids their own list and allow them to run off in the store to find a few items at a time. Try to stick to items that are in nearby lanes. It takes a little extra work, but it’s worth it.

3. Take advantage of samples. Distract your kids with free food samples in the store. You may end up with the added benefit of teaching them to love a few new foods.

4. Do what you have to do. There’s nothing wrong with plopping your kid in the cart with a handheld device. Although you want your child to develop good habits during errands, you also need to make your own sanity a priority.

5. Consider grocery services. If you have local delivery services, don’t be afraid to use them once in a while. Some stores also offer services that have your groceries bagged and ready to check out when you arrive. That being said, it’s still good to brave the store with kids every so often. The practice allows them to learn how to behave appropriately.

6. Look for child care. Some stores have craft tables and child care rooms. If you can find a store like this in your area, it may be worth a longer drive.

7. Offer rewards. Most kids respond remarkably well to rewards. Set firm expectations, and keep those expectations relatively simple, like “keep your hands to yourself” and “don’t whine.” Give your kids the ability to earn a special snack by adhering to these expectations.

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