Last-minute shopping advice!

You’ve done it again. You promised yourself last year that you would not wind up here ever again, but you did.

So, check these tips to save time and to get the right presents for the ones you love!

First of all

Charge your smartphone – you’ll need it later.

Make a list of people you need to buy for. Make a budget and stick to both of these things.

Do some research online before heading out to the shops. Get inspired and find out what stores carry the items you are looking for.

Before you leave the house prepare for the madness: eat a good meal and pack some snacks for the next hours.

While shopping

Keep a checklist in your purse so you don’t buy two things for the same person.

Hit the stores early in the morning (or as soon as the Mall opens) or late in the evening, avoiding the pick shopping times.

Use your smartphone to compare prices at competing retailers and read online reviews of products. In the end, if you’re not sure what to get, pick a gift card and let them choose.

Good tips

Buying for children
Avoid giving toys children already have by buying books or generic gifts (like Lego bricks that can be added to existing sets).

Buying toys
Be considerate – buy toys that are easy to store, washable and if necessary, buy a carry case for all the pieces that come with a game or set – once the box has been broken into, the bits will be everywhere!

Make it special
When buying something practical (like an umbrella or a purse) choose a color you know the person likes but wouldn’t buy themselves.


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