Do-it-Yourself Crafts for Girls 

It’s all hands on deck for this do-it-yourself craft party that is sure to be a big hit with girls aged six to 10.

Set the scene for fun
Create a no-mess, no-fuss work surface for the craft party by placing a hollow door on bricks and using plastic buckets as stools. Cover the table with sheets of newsprint and string loads of brightly coloured helium-filled balloons around it.

Organise two to three different crafts to stimulate the children’s imagination and creativity. Start with a quick and easy project to get them into the swing of things. Then move on to a more intricate project, which will keep them busy and entertained for some time. End off with another quick craft for those who are still keen.

Good idea
Have buckets filled with soapy water ready a short distance from the table where partygoers can wash their hands. Don’t forget to supply a towel.

Place setting
Make the girls feel all grown up by setting the table as you would for your own tea party, complete with pretty china and cake forks. Create an individual place setting for each child and decorate it with floral or polka-dot paper napkins, ribbon and silk flowers.

Hair Accesories

You will need

  • hair clips
  • a selection of embellishments, ribbon and glitter glue
  • scissors
  • craft glue

To make
Decide how you want to decorate the hair clips and place what you’ll need in front of you. Use the craft glue to stick embellishments to the clip, decorate the clip with glitter glue, and set aside to dry.

Net Shoe Bag

Put a pair of toy high-heeled shoes in a sheer net bag and give to the little guests to take home with them.

You will need

  • pink net
  • silver glitter glue
  • thin white organza ribbon
  • three different types of fabric in pink and white
  • pinking shears
  • needle and thread
  • pink and white beads
  • safety pin

To make

  1. Cut a 70cm-diameter circle out of pink net. Decorate the edge with silver glitter glue and leave to dry.
  2. Thread a piece of thin ribbon loosely through the holes in the net approximately 11cm from the edge of the circle. Pull the ribbon in to form a bag. Place a pair of shoes in the bag before you tighten the ribbon. Complete with a bow.
  3. Make a flower to decorate the bag by cutting four different-sized daisy shapes out of three types of fabric and net. Use pinking shears to prevent the edges from fraying. Place the flower shapes on top of each other, with the biggest one at the bottom. Hand-stitch it together in the middle, pulling it in as you go to give the flower dimension. Sew a few beads to the middle for decoration and a safety pin at the back to pin it onto the bag. The flower can also be used as a brooch or hair accessory later.


You will need

  • thick scrapbooking paper
  • ruler
  • pencil and eraser
  • scissors
  • thin dowel
  • drawing pin
  • rhinestone
  • craft glue

To make

  1. Cut the paper into a square. Lay down the square on a flat surface and connect two opposite corners with a thin pencil line. Repeat with the remaining two corners.
  2. Cut along these lines from each corner to approximately 2cm before the centre.
  3. Fold in the four corners to meet in the middle and attach them to the dowel with a drawing pin. Disguise the drawing pin by gluing a rhinestone over it.

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