3 Tips to Make Shopping with your Kids Easier!

Three steps to make your shopping experience with kids a lot more easier!

We know shopping for clothes with your kids can be difficult, but we are here to ease up the process in THREE steps! 

  1.  THE STROLLER - Every mom's best friend when she has kids is "the stroller". Bring it with you not only for your loved one to relax in, but also for you to your clothes on while you shop. It's the best of both worlds.

  2.  THE TIME -  Shop at the right times by seeing how your kids act during different timed shopping trips. Try taking a trip to the mall during their naptime forget to bring the stroller along, so they can nap while you shop! 

  3.  NO SALES-  This is a KEY tip! Avoid the malls with your kids during big sales. It's hectic and the kids will not enjoy it. Plus your best friend, the stroller, probably not fit around the chaos. So save the sale days for you and your friends when you are alone!


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