Ramadan Activities: 6 Ways for Family Entertainment

Ramadan Activities: 6 Ways for Family Entertainment


Make Ramadan activities at home extra special and keep everyone entertained with these family entertainment ideas you can try any time!

Ramadan is all about family and sharing the food and happiness of getting together. This year, with the social distancing in place, the gatherings might be smaller than usual and might be missing the extended family and close friends. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend some quality time with your loved ones at home.


Be up for some games

Board games have been gaining in popularity in the last years; chessboard and card games are also popular games in the region. Other options you can play with the family include Monopoly, scrabble and Uno. If you have younger ones at home, you can keep them entertained in many other ways. Why not try an indoor treasure hunt by hiding either treats or objects around the house. Make it even more fun by putting up clues.


Test your kids’ knowledge

They’ve been flooding the internet and social media but quizzes and riddles are so much more fun in real life. These are one of the best Ramadan activities to test your kids’ knowledge in a fun way while keeping their brain active. Some great internet resources for math and general quizzes and riddles include:

Riddle Tips




Piece things together

Who would have thought that puzzles would be back in force this year? We have the lockdown to thank for. While puzzles are a great activity either alone or as family entertainment, there are other fun ideas that require assembling objects. Legos are indeed a whole lot fun in groups! Get the kids involved in building castles and characters with these multi-colored pieces. They could learn a lesson or two about construction, designs and a good structure foundation.


Show off your talents in crafts

Instagram and Pinterest are great source of inspiration for crafts’ ideas whatever the age and interest of your little ones. They are also a great way to develop their skills and creativity and can keep them entertained for hours. Get them to learn how to make bracelets, lanterns, dream catchers or any house decoration like pressed flowers wall arts.


Explore your family’s cooking skills

This lockdown is the perfect opportunity to improve or extend your cooking skills with so much time on your hand. Food and cooking can bring the family together and you can involve them in picking the meals and preparing the menu for today’s iftar. Kids also love baking and desserts and if you want them to stay away from the oven, why not explore some no-bake cake recipes like cheesecakes and chocolate mousse cakes?


Color away with our drawing materials

Kids’ love for colors is undeniable and there is no better way to keep your children busy than pieces of paper and some coloring pens and pencils. If you want to join in on all the fun, you can browse YouTube videos for more advanced lessons in drawing and painting and learn how to use watercolors for example. You can then hang the results proudly in your home and display your DIY inspired art for all. We also prepared for you images you can download below to enjoy some coloring time with your kids. Don’t forget to share the results by tagging us on our social media pages. 


Finally, family entertainment and Ramadan activities such as arts and crafts can be messy especially with kids around, but Ariel Pods 3x action cleans your deep down, removes many tough stains and impurities while brightening your clothes even after one wash.

Coloring Family Time Frame 1
Coloring Family Time Frame 2

Coloring Family Time Frame 3

Coloring Family Time Frame 4

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