Say yes to more family events

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And say no to all the stress they usually come with. Here are a few tips how to make the most out of family celebrations without having to lose sleep over organizing trouble.

Family celebrations are great, normally you should want them to happen. It’s great fun, with several generations under the same roof, coming together, discussing family stories, spending finally some quality time together. Great food, nice juices and all the people you love. To make these gatherings fun instead of stressful, here are a few easy solutions to increase the fun part and take away the stress part.

Keep it small. Don't invite more people than can comfortably sit at your table - unless you're having a cocktail party and you are only serving finger food, or you come up with a theme that fits (for example sitting on the floor on huge pillows, having a buffet in the middle).

Keep the menu simple. Choose one or two favourite recipes and let the rest be easy to make. It's best to choose the entrée first, and then plan the other dishes around it. As everybody likes to show off with their recipes, you can even ask one of the guests to prepare the appetizers for example.

Rally the troops. Call in the kids and your partner, and decide who will be responsible for what. Setting the table, cleaning, decorating, choosing the music etc. If you find them fitting tasks, they will love to help. You can even motivate them with adding their favorite people to the guest list.

Clean up as you go. Have a bowl handy to hold food scraps - this can reduce trips to the garbage can or disposal. Have a spare bowl with water so you can put glasses and plates in it for pre-wash, making the washing up easier. Do the laundry immediately after the event, so that tough stains can’t dry in. Tide will give you cleanliness, simply and fuzz-free. While you put up your feet, feeling exhausted, Tide and your washing machine will get rid of the last remains of the party.

Follow-up. Make creative goodie bags as a parting gift. Call your guests the next day and discuss whether they enjoyed themselves. Ask for feedback and comments. Enjoy the nice words, but also listen to constructive advice.

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Have fun!


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