The Family Getaway

Create the perfect family day and enjoy spending some quality time. We know it's been a while.

With our busy schedules, it’s hard to find time to spend with our family. We understand your situation and that’s why it’s here to give you fun ways to spend with your loved ones. This month we encourage you to create the perfect family getaway. Yes we know getaway usually means, “getting away”, but we mean just organizing a fun day with the family from beginning to end. 

So first, start the day off by having the perfect family breakfast together. Cook your favorite dishes ranging from foul, balila, flatbreads in the oven, etc., or just go out and have it at a local breakfast place and catch up. 

After breakfast, run some errands together. We all know doing things by yourself is not as fun as doing it with company, so take advantage of being with your family and get the groceries out of the way. Let the kids pick out their favorite snacks or give you ideas for meals, so when the week comes up, you already know what to cook! It might also inspire you to try some new dishes. 

Last but certainly not least have a family game night. When you get back home, choose your favorite board game. Bring out the cards and challenge your family members to have a little fun offline. It’s a bonding experience, and a great time for you and your loved ones. 


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