8 Time Management Tips for Mompreneurs

Raise your hand if you gave up your corporate job to raise children. So many women have made that transition and started their own businesses too.

Managing time effectively can be a challenge.

Many of us moms feel blessed to have the chance to work from home.  The flip side is the many distractions and demands.  Do you have to balance chores and children with professional commitments? There will always be times when you struggle with managing time.  Set up a schedule and have relatively frazzle-free days.

Here are some essential time management tips to manage the home, kids and your home office.

1)    Set a schedule:  This is the most important tip of all.  You have to keep track of the school bus, meal and nap times, schedule errands and work.  Stick with it as far as possible to be efficient.  This will hinge on how old your kids are.

2)    Identify productive hours: When do you do your best work?  If you work well in the morning, schedule important tasks for that time. 

3)    Use a timer: If you have just 45 minutes or an hour, set the alarm on your phone and sit down to work.  Turn off time wasters like Facebook and email and focus on the task.  Keep a To-Do list handy and check items off.

4)    Designate a work area:  This is very important for concentration and discipline.  Working at the dining table may not always work out.  Set up a desk in the bedroom or the spare room.  This will make it official.

5)    Use Apps:  Do you have a smart phone?  There are so many great apps that can help.  For instance, set up a calendar to share information on doctor appointments.  Shopping lists, To Do lists, time logs – all of these can be managed with Apps.  Use the Lockbox app to store passwords and bank information.  Download other apps that will make your life easy.

6)    Eliminate time wasters:  Yet another important tip which will keep you on track.  If you find yourself spending too much time on the phone or surfing the net, set aside 15 minutes a day for these tasks.

7)    Schedule kid time:  When you work from home, it is easy to get distracted with answering the door or other trivial chores.  In addition, you have to juggle this with pending deadlines, emails and calls.  Think of it as a regular 9 to 5 workday and shut the door on the home office.  Set aside time to play with the kids – sit and colour with them.  Read to them.  Spending quality time will let you get back to work while they play quietly.

8)    Get me-time: Reward yourself when you have accomplished goals and deadlines.  Moms have a full plate to deal with – at home and at work.  Take some time to get a pedicure or a massage occasionally.  Pampering is important too.

It may be hard to do it all in the beginning.  Start by using whatever tools and help you have.  In time, you’ll become a successful businesswoman and homemaker – a Mompreneur!


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