How to excel in a job interview!

The preparation you do before a job interview is just as important as how you conduct yourself during the actual interview.

Read on for some useful tips and advice!

Getting the interview 
Read the job advertisement carefully and underline points that apply to you. Focus on these and explain briefly and clearly the ways in which you meet the requirements.

Do your research
Read up on the organization or company, both to show the interviewer that you are knowledgeable and also to find out if this is really the right job for you.

Consider why you want the job 
You will inevitably be asked this and asked why they should choose you. Address these questions in your application letter and expect to be asked to expand on them during the interview.

Dress well
You are there to make an impression personally, not make a statement with your clothing, so tone it down. It’s most important to feel smart but comfortable in what you’re wearing. And your hair is important too.

Stay on message
Answer the questions you are asked, and do not wander from the subject. It’s better to be brief and leave the matter open for more questions from the interviewer if needed.

Be enthusiastic, honest and straightforward 
For example, if you resigned your previous job because of a conflict, you should mention this while emphasizing the positive things that came out of it. Prepare in advance some clear examples of what your concrete achievements were in your previous job. How did your efforts produce results for the company?

Have answers for common questions
Interviews often follow similar patterns so make sure you’re ready for the obvious! ‘Why did you leave your last job?’ ‘What are your skills?’ ‘What did you accomplish in your previous job?’ ‘What is your greatest asset and what is your greatest weakness?’


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