How to get a better paid job

Due a salary increase or think you need a career change? Check out our advice for how to ask for more and get it at work

Savvy salary negotiations

The secret to successfully asking for a pay rise  is preparation. The ideal time to talk money is your annual review, or request a meeting with your HR office or line manager.

Know your value
Check out the market rate for jobs similar to yours by looking at job ads and websites for unions representing your field of work. If there is a union or group representation where you work find out if there is a set fund for pay rises, so you know what the parameters are.

List your duties
Have your work responsibilities changed? Consider how the current situation appears and if you have been succeeding or even exceeding in your role. Itemize those things you are most proud of.

Be confident
You are good at your job! You know this. If your supervisor does not also know it, it is important to draw his/her attention to examples that make the point and show that you are happy to shoulder your responsibilities.

Practice your meeting
Run through your arguments for a higher salary. Ask a friend to help you practice and talk through what your supervisor would say.

Know what you want
If you think a pay rise is unlikely, negotiate a one-off bonus to recognize recent achievements, or a change in conditions (different hours or more holiday). Be clear about what you want. If you leave it up to the company to come up with an offer, it might not meet your expectations.


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