How to get ahead in a fashion job

Top tips to succeed in a fashion job, and meet the latest celebrity designers! Check out our expert tips:

1) Cut yourself a niche

Fashion design is an overcrowded marketplace, so if you want to succeed, you need to get smart. For example, there are loads of women’s wear designers, but not so many menswear, sportswear or accessories designers. Could you specialize in one of these areas and immediately cut back on competition?

2) Become a fabric fiend

Fashion designers are only as good as their knowledge of fabric. Make sure you learn about how every type of fabric works, drapes and sews to ensure success.

3) Learn about business

It’s not just all about design, fashion needs to make money. Study the basics of business and if you really find you don’t have a head for it, go into partnership with someone who does. If money is tight in those early days, check out fashion author Mimi Spencer’s tips for savvy fashion on a budget.

4) Keep hold of your name

Never, ever sell your name in the early days. Keep hold of it and it could be your key to a fortune as you climb your way up the ladder to success.

5) Know your client

Every successful designer has a muse. Pick yours and always design with this one person in mind. This will give your collection a point of view and a clear focus.

6) Stay positive

Like all jobs worth having, working in fashion is likely to give you as many downs as ups. Keep positive on those down days by keeping a list of all the things you have achieved.

7) Learn to deal with the stress

Fashion works fast which means it can be a stressful business. Find out what outside the industry keeps you sane. Whether it’s meditation or hitting the dance floor, keep this in mind when you need to unwind.


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