How To Stand Out In Your Career With Living Coral

How To Stand Out In Your Career With Living Coral

Whether you want to be noticed during an interview or power up your business suit, nothing works better than adding a pop of color. Living Coral, the 2019 Color of the Year, is the perfect shade to do that with its empowering and life-affirming qualities. Read our tips below on how to incorporate it into your career life.
We all know that standing out at work is an everyday struggle due to the workload or the in-house competition. On the long run, it should be a rewarding path where you can put your skills and knowledge to work, and climb up the ladder to success. On an everyday basis, every small thing counts from staying organized, to having a neat workspace and picking the right outfit. 

Pull off job interviews
First impressions are most important during job interviews. How you pull it off is a serious matter so always go prepared.  You don’t want to appear too aggressive nor too timid.  And that’s why Living Coral is the perfect hue to bring out your confident side. So why not wear a grey business suit with a coral workbag that says you are taking this interview seriously but are an adventurer at heart? Pair it with heels in the same color and no one would stand in your way.

Stand out at the office 
Stay confident at your workplace and don’t let the day to day events get to you. The color symbolizes “our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits”. That’s why Living coral can work as a confidence boost affecting your mood positively. Wear a work suit in this color or tuck a coral shirt underneath your outfit. Be even more playful by adopting polka dots or other fashionable patterns. Be bold but subtle and your added value and positive mood won’t go unnoticed at work.

Play up your workspace
Adding a pop of color doesn’t have to be about your outfit alone. Enhancing your workspace could also be another way to spread positive energy all around you, especially that it is where you will be spending most of your time. Decorate your desk with stationaries in coral and surround yourself with motivational stickers on your computer or in your cubicle to be reminded every day to rock  at your job.

Finally, don’t forget to use Downy to protect your clothes from stretch and fade and stay fresh even after a long day at the office. 
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