10 things men find most charming about their wives

What’s the key to these husbands’ hearts? Their secrets are revealed!

Married couples share very strong, unspoken, and individual bonds, and the surprising little things they find really attractive and unique about each other are usually kept from the rest of the world, along with many things about their marriage.

But here to shed some light on their juicy little secrets, 10 husbands in the region share what it is about their wives that they are most drawn to:

1. “I can’t get enough of her laugh. It’s so vibrant and warm and brightens the whole day.” -- Raed, Dubai

3. “I love my wife’s hands. They are slender and small but also so strong. I could hold her hand forever.” -- Omar, Jeddah

4. “My wife has a really expressive face. I love it. It’s so unique, pretty, and full of life and emotion.” -- Imad, Kuwait City

5. “She has the most charming voice. It’s warm, it’s emotional, it’s strong, it’s almost a little deep but soft -- she never yells. And she sings a lot. Her voice is so attractive to me.” -- Ayman, Manama

6. “I adore her dimple on her left cheek when she smiles or laughs.” -- Mohammed, Doha

7. “This might sound strange but I love her knees. She has great knees.” -- Khalil, Muscat

8. “There’s nothing as beautiful as my wife’s eyes. When she looks at me, I melt, every single time.” -- Rashid, Riyadh

9. “This is weird, maybe, but I love how she eats. She’s a foodie, and you can just tell, when you have a meal with her, how much she enjoys it. It’s just great sharing meals with her, and cooking too. It’s one of my favorite things to do in life.” -- Hani, Abu Dhabi

10. “The way she flips her hair or ties it up in a bun and put it under her hijab -- I love how it changes her face, and I also just love how her hair looks, all bunched up, like a nest.” -- Youssef, Medina

What does your husband find most attractive about you?


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