6 Unexpected Things That Moms Made Cool

6 Unexpected Things That Moms Made Cool


Adulthood is hard; there is no doubt about that. If you are between the ages of 20 and 25, and/or have just started living alone, you probably look back with warmth and longing to the days when your mom was around to help you. Long gone are the teen-angst-fueled door slams and screams of “you don’t get me, Mom!” whenever she asked you to do your chores or homework.

In honor of Mother’s Day, here are 6 unexpected things that moms made cool.


1.    Mom jeans

Ah yes, the one item of clothing you can totally credit your mom for making cool. Walk into any Topshop, ZARA or other trendy chain clothing store today and you’ll find an array of mom jeans: light, dark, frayed, ripped, patterned all waiting to be picked up by a new generation of millennials.


2.    Tidying up

If you still haven’t heard of the Japanese home guru’s hit Netflix show “Tidying up with Marie Kondo”, you’ve been living under a rock. The renowned minimalist promises to teach you decluttering so you keep only the things that spark joy in your life. If you live alone/away from your parents, you know how messy your room can get within a few days. You’d be lucky if you could walk over your carpet and not have to crowd-surf over clothes and electronics every time you tried to reach your bedroom door.


3.    Care packages

This one is not so much cool as it is sweet and thoughtful. How grateful would you be if you got a package delivered to your place every few months with a few of your favorite items: your favorite chocolate, some soup, a pack of Vicks for when you’re sick, and some Tide pods to make laundry easier (just be sure not to eat them).. 


4.    Social media ugly selfies

Long before sticking your tongue out and making weird faces on your iPhone became cool, moms around the world were sitting on the couch next to their frustrated teen children trying to make sense of how to take a decent selfie. More often than not you’d end up with super zoomed-in faces and double-chins galore.


5.    Healthy organic food

“Mama, stop eating chips and come eat this salad your teta has prepared with her garden vegetables!” Okay, maybe you haven’t heard this exact sentence but you get the gist.. Whereas before, you would scoff every time you heard something similar form your mom, now you cannot open Instagram without being bombarded with images of a young woman holding some kind of green juice and avocados with the hashtags #fit #organic #healthylife. Yup, moms made vegetables cool.


6.    DIY instead of buying new

On a college student budget, you keep searching for innovative ways to reduce spending. Time to remember all the DIY things your mom (or teta) used to make and quit buying every little item you can get your hands on.


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