Be the motivation your kids need

School can be tough, routines can be bumpy, but stay positive – for everyone.

Parents cheerlead and mentor, and sometimes they have to be the bad cop, all in the hopes to inspire them to do great things.

Here are some ways we you help children achieve their potential.

1. Do What They Know

Children will be naturally drawn to certain activities or subjects. It may be because they’re good at it, or may just be because they’re passionate about it, but encouraging them to do what they truly love can be a huge benefit. Even if your child’s passion is something like video games, you can help them expand their perspective.

Have them explore what goes into game design. Have them write their own video game story. Buy an old computer or console and have them take it apart to see how all the pieces work. It’s easier to motivate them if they’re already emotionally invested.

2. Steer Them, Don’t Force Them

You might be really competitive, but when it comes to helping your children reach their dreams, encourage them and help them find their own way to achieve it. A mom shows support without being authoritative or showing competitiveness. Remember: their dreams may be different than your dreams.

3. Show Your Support

Whatever your child chooses to pursue, always be supportive. Be their first fan. Through their downfalls and successes, be what never changes. Love and support them unconditionally, and always encourage them to continue following their dreams, even in the face of defeat.

4. Think Positively

In the long winding road that leads your children to their dreams, there will be bumps. You may feel helpless and you may not be able to fix it – which is an awful feeling as a parent – but you can always listen, give advice and help them grow and learn. Steer them to try and try again.

5. Be an Example

Even though we tell them to, “Do as I say, not as I do” children tend to be the world’s best copycats. They’re always watching. Set an example for your child by doing what you’re passionate about, by not giving up and by working hard.

6. Be Involved

Make the effort to understand what your children’s passions are. Whether it’s becoming team manager of the cross-country team or learning to read music, you may not share their passion but you can certainly understand theirs.

7. Give Them Perspective

Some children will become obsessed with their goal and be hard on themselves. Help them see the big picture, to keep balance and gain perspective. We want to hear how your mom, dad or others in your life helped motivate you and make you who you are today. Let us know in the comments below.


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