Find good apps for your child

As parents we all look for fun, educational and child-friendly apps and games for our children.

Unfortunately, the offerings may differ, so we present here an attempt at guidance, tips, and advice in this vast jungle of both the good and bad.

Guide your child, and at the same time gain insights.

Be critical of the sources:

One tip is to take advantage of other people's reviews on various websites.

At the same time, you have to be mindful of who or which company is behind the site. Not every site is independent and trustworthy. For example, many people receive payment for favorable reviews. Pay attention if the review criteria applied includes: fun, educational, and child-friendly.

Rely on word of mouth:

Another tip is to rely on the classical referral method -- ask questions about the experience and recommendations of other parents and school personnel. Here are some examples of apps for different ages that are highly rated.

For infants and toddlers:

  • Sound Touch: A picture book that is divided into six categories: animals, wild animals, wild birds, vehicles, musical instruments and household articles. Each page has 12 pictures. When you tap on a picture, a photograph opens that is accompanied by a voice that tells you what you see, and the object's sound. When you tap on this photo, it disappears. For ages 1-4
  • Bug Builder: An entertaining and cute game, in which the child builds an insect. You start by choosing the body shape. Then it's time to paint, which is done by using a finger that acts as a paintbrush. The new insect then repeatedly forms a pupa, and pops up with crazy hats and a curly tongue. For ages 1-4


  • Math Bingo: A bingo game that release the games speech. Five markers in a row gives a 'bingo'. The app is suitable for playing in a fairly large group, such as in a schoolroom. Various difficulty levels can be set, as well as an option with arithmetic. For ages 7-10
  • Math Ball: This involves finding the correct mathematics problem for a complete response. The task needs to be completed before the moving ball lands in the bottom of the container, and it can be both tricky and challenging because several math problems may possibly be correct. The longer the player plays, the more difficult the tasks become. For ages 7-10

Extra challenging:

  • Pettson's Inventions: A suitable game for use in schools. Here students help a character named Pettson set up inventions with the aid of gear wheels and ropes. The task is to figure out which items should be included and what functions they should have. When the device elements are dragged into the proper place, the invention begins to operate. The indispensable cat, Findus, is also available to assist Pettson. For ages 7-10
  • Fonemo: For children with speech and language difficulties. This app serves as a memory game in which the child can work on a variety of sounds with the help of a number of flash cards. To help the child, there is a teddy bear that says the words out loud. The game is ideal for speech therapists who work with speech and language, but also for parents and teachers who want to engage in speech training with their children or students. For ages 3 and above



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